Month: April 2016

Why are we making a podcast about General Hospital? Well, the short answer is that we couldn’t stop talking about it to our friends, and decided that we should probably put that skill to some good use. We hope that in talking about GH to a broader audience, we might get the show a new crop of viewers, while amusing the life-long fans, and heaping some well-deserved appreciation and praise on the cast and crew of a show (and genre) that is too often scoffed at.  It’s all about entertainment!

We’ll be releasing episodes every Monday evening, about the happenings of General Hospital during the week prior. Each week, we’ll start the episode by giving a wrap up of all the major plot points and developments that have occurred, followed by our own observations, questions, and chit-chat.

Do you wish you could watch General Hospital, but aren’t home during the days on Monday through Friday? Well, Hulu has you covered! Not only do you get the Criterion Collection when you have a Hulu membership, you also get General Hospital, without commercials, every single night. You can’t lose!


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