Episode 2

April 25, 2016

Detective Nathan West proposes to Maxi Jones.

Christina Corinthos almost comes out to her gangster father Sonny as possibly gay or bisexual, does come out to her half sister Sam.
Police Commissioner Jordan Ashford wants to take DA Paul Hornsby down, accuses him of aiding and abbetting Caros Fivera from escaping the country, and while Paul pledges vengence, Anna accepts her fate and gets arrested for the attempted arrest of Carlos, if that is what is neessary to get Carlos to confess and implicate his old mob boss, Julian Jerome, for ordering the hit on the love of her live, Duke Lavery. She confesses her crime to Griffin Munro, a long lost son of Duke’s.

Franco and Nina have relationship problems, due to her wanting a baby, and him not. She gets wasted, and needs to be escorted home by Dillon.

Alexis Davis becomes Carlos’ lawyer, to keep him fro implicating her new husband, Julian Jerome.

Dr. Kevin Jones is a Cryptologist, and is helping Laura Spencer solve the riddle of what she was left in Helena’s will.

Lulu and Dante have sex.

Ned finally sees Olivia
Michael Quartermaine and Felix go to Peurto Rico to find Sabrina
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