Episode 3

May 02, 2016

The son of Jason and Samantha Morgan, Jake, has been recast by an adorable little boy, who is far less android like. Jakes’ psycho-turned-art therapist Franco tries to give Jake a puppy, Jason refuses. Franco and Jason threaten, get physical, and almost fight.

Jason and Samantha leave Jake with his gramma, and go on an motorbike ride, ending up stranded in the rain and spending a sexy night in a barn. They wake to find footprints outside the barn, as though they were watched.

Franco and Nina have a series of fights and misunderstandings until they eventually teafully break up over Nina’s need for a child.

Lawyer Ric Lansing offers his half brother, ganster Sonny Corinthos, his nefarious skills to benefit Sonny, as opposed to his long history of using his sneaky skills to attack him.

Julian Jerome has secretly taken the riegns and is again the head of the Jerome crime family, to keep his sister Eva safe from retribution from within the organization. Julian’s new wife, attorney Alexis Davis, has taken the case to defend Carlos Rivera. Carlos threatens Alexis that if she cannot get him off scott free, he will take the DA’s deal and admit that he killed Duke Lavery as a mob hit ordered by Julian Jerome.

A witness suddenly and suspiciously comes forward who supposedly saw the shooting of Duke Lavery one year ago, which puts the Julian/Alexis/Carlos situation under more stress.

Even though Eva is now safe from inside mob activity, her daughter Kiki Jerome, who is recovering form a gun shot wound, does not want to live with her, but wants to stay where she is with Franco. She allows Dillon Quartermaine to coax her out of the apartment.

Morgan Corinthos is still in the mental hospital dealing with his Manic depression. His half sister, Kristina Davis goes to visit and confesses to him her sexual propositioning of her FEMALE professor.

Michael Corinthos returns from Puerto Rico, his search for Sabrina without results. He visits Carlos in jail, asking for Sabrina’s location. Carlos initially refuses, saying he and Sabrina were married, but later offers Sabrina’s location in exchange for making the charges against him disappear.

The hospital is a flutter with activity, There’s medication missing, first of all. Also, Tracy Quartermaine, having been cured of her parasitic brain worms by Doctor Finn, uses the family legacy of the Quartermaines to oust Olbrecht as the Cheif of Staff, so that Monica Quartermaine, past Chief of Staff, can regain her old post and hire Doctor Finn at General Hospital. Finn agrees to the position but ONLY if he has his own unfettered research.

Brad Cooper and Lucas Jones are STILL discussing their impending wedding, and are picking a date.

Meanwhile Maxi Jones and Nathan West clash over their wedding plans. Maxi decides to hire friend and private investigator Samantha Morgan to dig into Nathan’s past marriage with the mysterious Claudette.

Anna has her bail hearing, with defense lawyer Scottie Baldwin, fighting the lying DA Paul Hornsby. Dr. Andre Maddox takes the stand on Anna’s behalf, admitting his knowledge of her crimes – an admission that is overheard by Police Commissioner Jordan Ashford, Maddox’s girlfriend.

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