Episode 51: Care Factor Zero!

April 03, 2017

Ava Jerome has talked Scotty Baldwin into once again trying to get Lucy Coe to hand over the incriminating evidence of a bottle of Morgan Corinthos’s lithium pills. Lucy had originally grabbed the pill bottle belonging to the recently deceased Morgan after seeing Ava throw them away, assuming that Ava was trying to conceal once again having an affair with the young man who’d been dating her own daughter, not realizing that Ava had tampered with Morgan’s pills to drive him into a bipolar freakout so her daughter Kiki would leave him. Lucy catches on to Scotty’s plan, and instead decides to finally give the bottle to Morgan’s father, mobster Sonny Corinthos.

Sonny and his wife Carly are still estranged and trying to figure out where they stand. Carly isn’t yet able to accept the fact that Sonny slept with her assistant, the young Nelle Hayes, and Sonny is at his wits end as to what more he can do to improve the situation. They are interrupted by Lucy, bottle in hand.

At the last minute, Ava intervenes, offering Lucy a generous donation to the Nurses’ Ball in exchange for the bottle. Lucy’s price is steep and her deadline soon, and Ava starts getting desperate.

Meanwhile, Tracy Quartermaine visits her shady ex-husband Larry Ashton to see what his latest scheme is, and what it has to do with her late father. Ashton claims to have found a priceless painting in Turkey by a classical master, which was pulled from auction because the owner couldn’t be tracked down. The owner went by the name of “JL Holt”, which was pseudonym used by Edward Quartermaine when trying to hide assets. Ashton withholds any further information, wanting half of the value of the painting for his assistance. Tracy refuses him.

Tracy spies Ava, and hires her to find the painting. Within minutes, Ava has used her art world knowledge to track down the gallery, and Tracy hands her two hefty checks for her help.

Unfortunately, Tracy cannot speak Turkish. Luckily for her, she runs into Laura Spencer, who lived on a Turkish beach years ago when on the run with Luke, and can speak Turkish. Tracy talks Laura into joining her on her mission to reclaim her father’s painting.

Lately, Laura has been doing her own scheming on behalf of her daughter Lulu. Lulu has been granted only limited supervised contact with her daughter Charlotte, an arrangement that will be revisited by the courts in six months. Laura suggested that Lulu become friendly with Nelle, who’d recently been hired as Charlotte’s nanny, as Nelle could be a potential ally against Charlotte’s father Valentin Cassadine. As luck would have it, Nelle and Lulu run into each other at Kelly’s, and have a chat. Nelle doesn’t suspect any ulterior motives, but when Valentin hears of it, he is wary.

Anna Devane had successfully gotten her old rival Liesl Obrecht to retrieve information for her to explain why Valentin had been put on a kill list by the spy organization they both worked for long ago. She is horrified at what she reads, and goes straight to visit Valentin. He tells her how, back in the 80s when they both worked at the WSB, he had higher security clearance than she because she was a field agent, and could be compromised. She seduced him, got information out of him, and sold it to the enemy. Valentin was blamed, so he fled before punishment could be carried out, and thus fell into a life of crime. Anna remembers none of it. He becomes tearfully emotional, as does Anna, just as Valentin’s wife, Nina Reeves walks in. Anna leaves, while Valentin finally explains the situation to Nina.

Valentin visits his half sister Alexis Davis, hoping to extend a familial hand, and offer her a place in his island mansion. Alexis, dealing with the presumed death of her ex-husband, Julian Jerome, has had a relapse and has begun drinking heavily. She rebukes Valentin’s offer and goes back to drinking, only to have visions of Julian, urging her to stop drinking. She throws out whats left of her bottle, sobers up, and visits her daughter Samantha Morgan.

Jason Morgan, meanwhile, has a conversation with nurse Elizabeth Webber about their son Jake. He’s exhibiting some residual issues from when he was kidnapped by Helena Cassadine and held prisoner for three years. Jason does not want Liz’s boyfriend Franco involved whatsoever, and threatens to fight her on custody. Liz, in response, retracts her offer to have him move in with her and her sons, and finds a therapist to work with Jake.

Meanwhile, Ava arrives at the Floating Rib to meet with Lucy and provide her payment. She gives her not only the two checks from Tracy, but a small classic greek sculpture that is worth a fortune. Nearby, Ned Ashton asks Olivia Falconeri to marry him for the second time. Olivia is terrified, and wants to remain the way they are, but Ned isn’t satisfied. Just as they are tearfully breaking up, two masked gunmen burst into the bar and declare a hold up.

Meanwhile, Police Commissioner Jordan Ashford is having dinner with ex-partner Curtis. She offers him a place on the police force, but he turns her down, partially because he likes being a PI, partially because he wants to be free to pursue her romantically. Just as the date starts to heat up, she gets a call about the silent alarm going off at the Floating rib.

Back at the Floating Rib, the robbers demand everyone hand over their valuables, but when they try to take the engagement ring that had belonged to Ned’s grandmother Lila, Olivia loses it. She snatches the ring and refuses to let the robbers have it. Just at the last minute, Jordan arrives and saves the day. The police take everything the robbers grabbed into custody, including Morgan’s medication bottle, which worries Ava. Olivia, meanwhile, tearfully and joyfully agrees to marry Ned.

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