Episode 57: Anna Banana

May 15, 2017

Tracy Quartermaine’s painting saga comes to some conclusion. Tracy decides, regardless of whether Samira is her long lost half sister or not, to give her the renaissance painting worth millions of dollars to take back to Turkey, so Samira can sell it and buy back her kidnapped daughter. Before the deal can be made, Tracy’s son Ned uncovers Samira as being a paid party to partake in a long con arranged by Ned’s slimy father, Larry Ashton. Samira is sent on her way, and Larry is exposed, and dismissed from Ned’s life for good.

Tracy does some soul searching, and decides to sell the painting to the mysterious buyer, and intends to take the heft lump sum to start a new life for herself somewhere else, now that she feels unburdened from her father’s legacy. Ned has an announcement of his own, and tells his mother that he’s decided to change his legal last name from his father’s Ashton, to his mother’s Quartermaine. There are heartfelt family moments, and Tracy takes her leave of the Quartermaine house for good. She takes the painting to Amsterdam, where she sells it for 60 million dollars. When she goes to a cafe across the street, she finds herself face to face with the only man who ever made her happy, Luke Spencer.

The divorce between mobster Sonny Corinthos and Carly picks up momentum, especially when Sonny picks up a woman at the Haunted Star, who unbeknownst to him is Carly’s divorce attorney, Martina Morales. The situation further complicates when Ava Jerome tells Sonny that she’d witnessed he and Ms. Morales head to her room together at the end of the night. As Sonny and Martina try to figure out how to handle the situation, Carly finds them shaking hands, fires Martina, and is more enraged and bent on revenge then ever.

There’s been a development in a few storylines that has to do with a Chimera.

Jason Morgan is trying to decypher the creepy cryptic storybook about his son Jake that Helena Cassadine had made before her death, and hopes to figure out what it has to do with his time under Helena’s control. Hoping a drink will help her husband loosen his memory, Samantha spills tequila all over the leatherbound pages, and they discover a page previously stuck to another. Surprisingly, Jason recognizes it immediately as a Chimera.

At the same time, Jake’s mother, Nurse Elizabeth Webber, and her boyfriend Franco discover a new secret drawing by Jake of, what they determine to be a Chimera. Jason decides to head to Cassadine Island to get to the bottom of the Chimera, and why his son is afraid of what he used to look like. Once in Greece, Jason runs into Franco, who followed him in an attempt to help with whatever is scaring Jake. The two take a boat to Cassadine Island, where Franco shackles Jason to a wall so he can remember what had transpired when he was a prisoner there. Jason remembers having been beaten by Helena’s henchman, while Helena chastised him for not perfectly carrying out his duties as a hired killer, and believes Jake witnessed the exchange. Once he is freed, Jason shackles Franco to the wall, and leaves the island without him.

Imposter Anna Devane has taken to wearing a Chimera charm around her neck as part of her rouse to seduce Valentin Cassadine through their shared past, so she can evidently find out what he did with the “Chimera Project”, some sort of nefarious plan they’d worked on together as spies. It is revealed to the viewers that he’d sold it to Helena to get money for his much needed spinal surgeries, but Imposter Anna still doesn’t know, and continues to try and seduce it out of him. Valentin’s wife, Nina Reeves, can no longer excuse Valentin’s continued lying about meeting with Anna, and leaves him. In an attempt to prove to her that Anna means nothing to him, he gives Nina the watch that Anna had given him. Later, Nina smashes the watch, but the listening device that Imposter Anna had imbedded in the the watch band is discovered. Valentin is furious. When he finds Anna, he plays along with her rouse, and suggests they find somewhere intimate.

Meanwhile, Jake is preparing for his birthday party. He receives a surprise gift, supposedly from Spencer Cassadine, but we the audience recognise the courier as the same fellow who’d been beating Jason at Helena’s command on Cassadine Island years before. Jake opens his present, a magic kit, and find a cannister with a Chimera logo on it’s side, the same cannister that Valentin has sold to Helena years ago.

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