Episode 58: The Boy Who Cried Chimera

May 22, 2017

Secret Agent Anna Devane is being held prisoner in a London hospital, where she has been kept under perpetual sedation for over a month. Back in Port Charles, her twin sister Alex Marick has been trying to seduce Valentin Cassadine while posing as Anna second time. Alex had initially seduced Valentin decades ago, when she posed as Anna to get him to give her information on a biological weapon called the Chimera Project. When Valentin realized he’d been used, he stole the weapon and sold it to Helena Cassadine to fund his spinal fusion surgery many years ago. Alex has now reprised the role of Anna to find out where the Chimera Project went to, and in doing so, destroyed Valentin’s marriage to Nina Reeves.
When Valentin discovers that who he beleives to be Anna had planted a listening device on him, Valentin seeks her and pretends to be receptive to her amorous advances, but then turns on her, and leaves her tied to the bannister of her stairs. Alex eventually frees herself, only to be informed that Anna Devane had escaped from her captivity and is on her way home. Alex and tries to leave the country, but is captured by Anna before she can board her plane.

While this is happening, Valentin’s daughter Charlotte ends up left at the school without anyone to pick her up. Her nanny, young Nelle Hayes, was mugged and beaten and left for dead. Valentin was too wrapped up in his Anna drama to notice the phone calls, so Charlotte’s mother, Lulu SPencer Falconeri was called to retrieve her. When Lulu confronts Nina, Nina eventually agrees to let Lulu take Charlotte home with her for the night.

Both Jason Morgan and Franco return (seperately) from their fact finding adventure on Cassadine Island. They had determined that Jason’s son Jake had witnessed Jason being beaten by one of Helena Cassadine’s henchman, and referred to as a hired assassin. They assume that this was the extent of the trauma that has Jake acting so squirelly lately, not knowing that Jake has been delivered a magic kit in which there is a canister with a Chimera emblazoned on the side, and Jake has had some kind of secret instruction from Helena with which to use it.

The divorce between Carly and Sonny Corinthos has hit a snag, when Carly’s lawyer recused herself for what she claims was a professional conflict of interests, but what in reality was due to her spending a night with Sonny, not realizing he was her future clients future ex-husband. Carly remains suspicious, and discovers Sonny and Ms. Martina Morales in bed together.

At General Hospital, Doctor Hamilton Finn’s drug test results have been proven to be tampered with. Finn and Hayden Barnes confront lab manager Brad Cooper, their long assumed test-tainter. Brad is aghast and offended at the accusation. Later, we see that Doctor Leisl Obrecht is the true culprit.

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