Episode 59: The Wizard of Awesome

May 30, 2017

Mobster Sonny Corinthos is enjoying the intimate company of Martina Morales, the divorce attorney recently employed by his wife, Carly, but their romp in bed is brought to an end when Carly herself storms in. A full confrontation takes place, with Carly vowing to keep everything in the upcoming divorce. Martina leaves, telling Sonny that he and Carly still love each other, or they’d not be fighting so passionately with each other.

Secret Agent Anna Devane interrogates her twin sister, Alex, who’d had Anna sedated and detained while she masqueraded as Anna for over a month. Alex explains to Anna that she did so to track down the location of the Chimera Project, a biotech weapon stolen from the World Security Bureau, which was then, in turn, stolen by Valentin Cassadine when he was double crossed by Alex-masquerading-as-Anna decades ago. Alex tells Anna that it’s her responsibility to track down the Chimera Project now. Anna immediately goes to Spoon Island, breaks into Wyndamere, and seeks out Valentin, just as he is desperately trying to salvage his marriage with wife Nina Reeves, which had been decimated by Alex’s attempts at seduction. He is angry and unwilling to help.

And suddenly, the Nurses Ball is upon us!

Valentin, still trying to repair his marriage, sings a last minute song to his wife, who is visibly moved by the gesture. Valentin’s daughter Charlotte is excited to be one of Jake’s assistants for his magic show performance, as is Anna’s grand-daughter Emma. Jake gets cold feet, and decides against performing for everyone.

Sonny Corithos had originally opted to stay home and read through the journal of his dead son Morgan, instead of attending the ball. While home, he receives a visit from Morgan’s psychiatrist, Andre Maddox, who informs Sonny that the pharmacy is positive it gave Morgan the proper dosage for his lithium. How the wrong dosage got in the bottle is a mystery. Sonny and Andre notice powder from a crumbled pill at the bottom of the pill bottle, and decide to have it tested. While watching the Nurses Ball on television, Sonny sees Ava Jerome on the red carpet of the event. When she is complimented on making a large donation to the ball in the name of Morgan Corinthos, the Sonny changes his mind and heads to the Nurses Ball.

At the Ball, Sonny ends up in conversation with his son Detective Dante Falconeri, who tells him that Lucy Coe and Ava Jerome were both present at the scene of the robbery at which Morgan’s pill bottle had been discovered. Shortly after, Andre tells Sonny that the test results show that the powder in the bottle was that of a placebo pill. Sonny is convinced that Ava was the culprit who messed with Morgan’s pills, sparking the Manic Depressive decline that lead to his death. Sonny tells Carly what he knows, and they are immediately on the same team. They question Lucy, who admits to having found Ava with the pill bottle.

Scotty Baldwin overhears this interaction, and runs backstage to tell Ava to run while she still can. Ava flees to a storage unit where she has an emergency bag ready with passport and cash, but is discovered by Carly and Sonny. A highly emotional fight ensues, with Ava admitting what she’d done. In frustration, she throws a lantern at the floor between them, knocking out Carly, and starting a fire.

After the Nurses Ball ends, Detective Nathan West has a coffee with Nurse Amy Driscoll. Nathan is recognized repeatedly by strangers as “Man Landers”t. He confronts Amy, who admits to having used his photo for her online identity of an advice columnist.

Meanwhile, back at the ballroom, Jake decides he’d like to give his performance to the skeleton crew of family that remains now that the Nurses Ball is over. Charlotte and Emma are still eager to assist him. Jake is urged by the spectre of Helena Cassadine to activate the Chimera Device. As he pulls it from his magic kit, Jason tries to stop him.

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