Episode 61: Hey, Stella!

June 12, 2017

Ava Jerome is still in critical care, having suffered severe burns over more than half of her body. Her daughter Kiki was unable to bring herself to visit, having been told that Ava had replaced Morgan Corinthos’s lithium pills with a placebo, so that Morgan would spiral into a manic episode and be institutionalized, thus ending the relationship between he and Kiki. Ava’s sudden cardiac arrest shocks Kiki to the point that she finds she is able to visit her mother and feel sympathy for her, regardless of her sabotaging Morgan’s pills which lead to his death. Morgan’s parents, Carly and Sonny Corinthos, have compassion for what Kiki is going through, but still intend to prosecute Ava Jerome for her role in Morgan’s demise.

Ava’s brother, Julian Jerome, has been visiting the hospital to see Ava. He’s trying to re-establish a relationship with his son, Doctor Lucas Jones, but Lucas wants nothing to do with him due to his criminal behavior.

Sonny’s eldest son, Detective Dante Falconeri, questions Lucy Coe about Morgan’s suspicious pill bottle, which had been discovered to have the wrong dosage of lithium, as well as remnants of placebo pills in the bottom. Lucy had swiped the bottle as blackmail material after seeing Ava try to get rid of it, and kept it for some months, under the impression that Ava was simply sleeping with young Morgan again shortly before he died. While being questioned by Dante, she is told that Ava swapped the pills, and is horrified. Lucy realizes that her ex, Scottie Baldwin, had swapped the placebos out with lithium pills to cover Ava’s trechery, and rats him out immediately.

Doctor Hamilton Finn, successfully rehabilitated and no longer taking opiates, continues to test positive on his drug screenings. His partner, Hayden Barnes, has no doubt of his sobriety, and continues to assist him in finding out who is sabotaging his drug tests. Hayden is early in an unplanned pregnancy, and offers to watch over Cameron, the son of her half sister Nurse Elizabeth Webber. Unexpectedly, young Spencer Cassadine has traveled from boarding school to Port Charles, and is being looked after by his grandmother, Laura Spencer. Hayden offers to take Spencer off Laura’s hands for the afternoon as well, but the two boys have a long rivalry, and the afternoon ends in a food fight, with Hayden in tears.

Private Investigator Curtis Ashford and his ex-sister-in-law Jordan Ashford are officially a couple. However, Curtis’s Aunt Stella visits without warning, and makes it clear that she is not a fan of Jordan in the slightest. When Stella discovers the romance between them, an emotional altercation ensues between all three.

Valentin Cassadine, still healing from a gunshot wound, has taken his young daughter Charlotte on the run, to avoid his being taken into custody and tried for treason due to a weapon he stole decades prior. His wife, Nina Reeves, reluctantly suggests where they might be found. Charlotte is spared the trauma of seeing Valentin arrested and is taken by her mother, Lulu Spencer, before special agent Anna Devane takes Valentin into custody. Once back in Port Charles, Valentin is visited by Lulu and her husband Dante, who ask him to sign over custody to them so Charlotte needn’t go into foster care. He is also visited by Nina, who hands him divorce papers; and is visited by Anna’s twin sister Alex, who escaped from custody, and tells Valentin not to confess, and he might be able to beat the charges if neither she nor he rat each other out. Shortly before he’s taken away, Anna again visits him, and records a message for Charlotte so he can say goodbye.

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