Episode 62: Chet the Vet

June 19, 2017

The week starts out with Josslyn Jacks catching her mother, Carly, kissing Sonny Corinthos. Carly and Sonny are still technically married, but have separated and were supposed to be on the way towards divorce. Finding out what actually caused their son Morgan to spiral into the manic episode that lead to his death brought Sonny and Carly close again. However, after a conversation with her daughter, Carly decides that she and Sonny just aren’t good for each other, and decides on an amicable divorce.

The reason Morgan’s bipolar disorder went out of control was due to Ava Jerome switching his lithium pills with placebos to drive him into a meltdown and end his relationship with her daughter Kiki. Shortly after confessing this to Sonny and Carly, Ava was caught in a fire of her own doing, and is now severely burned in intensive care. After a cardiac arrest, Ava requests a Do Not Resuscitate order, to the horror of Kiki.

Ava’s brother, Julian Jerome, tries to gain access to his two year old son Leo, but Leo’s mother, Olivia Falconeri, refuses. Julian’s ex-wife, Alexis Davis, defends his right, and in doing so gets told off by both Olivia, and Alexis’s daughter Samantha Morgan.

Ava’s accomplice and lawyer, Scotty Baldwin, visits the hospital and asks Kiki’s current boyfriend, Dillon Quartermaine, if Ava had spoken to the police. Disgusted by his shameless self preservation, Dillon punches Baldwin in the face.

Later, Dillon runs into nurse Amy Driscoll and Detective Nathan West at Kelly’s. Amy has continued to ask Nathan to pose as the author of her online advice column “Ask Man Landers” so she can secure a book deal, but Nathan continues to refuse. When Nathan overhears a tearful phone conversation Amy has shortly afterwards, he asks to help, but Amy leaves, upset. Dillon tells Nathan about Amy’s football playing older brother, Chet, and Nathan looks into his history. Nathan finds that Chet is a veteran of Afganistan, and is under constant expensive medical care; the reason Amy is so desperate for the book deal. Nathan changes his mind, and agrees to pose as Man Landers.

Laura Spencer is shocked to find that her grandson, Spencer Cassadine, has traveled alone from his boarding school in Europe to see her. Laura has been living with her daughter Lulu, Lulu’s husband Dante, their son Rocco, as well as Lulu’s daughter with Valentine Cassadine, Charlotte. Spencer does not like his cousin Charlotte, blaming her for her father’s trangressions. Laura decides to take Spencer and move out to give Lulu and her family some space, and Doctor Kevin Collins asks Laura to move in with him. She eventually casts her fears aside and accepts.

Special agent Anna Devane visits Lulu to show Charlotte the video that Valentin had recorded before being carted off to answer for his past crimes. Lulu is at first resistant, but gives in, and lets the video be watched.

Damian Spinelli, aka the computer hacker known as The Jackal, is visiting Port Charles to assist his old friend and colleague Jason Morgan. Jason is trying to track down the man who, working for Helena Cassadine, delivered a package to his young son Jake containing a deadly bioweapon that Jake had been instructed to release. The henchman is tracked down to the hospital, where Jake and his mother, Nurse Elizabeth Webber, are. Jason instruts Elizabeth and Jake to hide in a locked room, which they do, while Jason tracks down the henchman. They square off on the roof of General Hospital, nearly carrening over the edge until the police come and subdue the situation.

Jason’s wife Sam, who’d been struggling with what appears to be PTSD, tearfully admits to Jason that she’s not ok.

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