Episode 63: Down at Our Rendezvous

June 26, 2017

The week begins with priest Doctor Griffin Muno visiting the home of gangster Sonny Corinthos.

Griffin challenges Sonny’s inability to forgive Ava Jerome for her role in the death of his son, to which Sonny asks Griffin if he was able to forgive the man who killed his father: Julian Jerome. When Griffin goes to visit Ava, in the hospital, he comes face to face with Julian, who is thankful that Griffin has been praying with Ava.

Ava, in critical condition after more than 50% of her body was burned, has he bandages changed, and demands to see a mirror. The wight of her face is shrouded from the audience’s view, but Ava’s reaction is of screaming horror.

Meanwhile, Sonny’s soon-to-divorced-wife Carly visits their son Michael Corinthos at the Quatermaine mansion. She has warned Michael to stay away from Nelle Hayes, who hears the conversation while hiding in the stairway. Nelle continues to be apprehensive to start a relationship with Michael, and is dead set against him helping her find work. The next day, Nelle applies for a job at Kelly’s where she is berated by Bobbie Spencer, who is part owner of the establishment. Luckily, Nina Reeves arrives in time to stop the confrontation, and offers Nelle the position of being her personal assistant. Nelle tells Michael the good news, and he asks her on a date for that evening. After some awkward interactions, Nelle asks Michael to come inside, and joyful kissing ensues.

Sonny asks Carly to join him on a trip to his island, claiming that since she is still technically the owner of his properties, she has to sign the liquor license renewal. On the island, old feelings spark, and Carly is conflicted.

Meanwhile, with the house to herself, Carly’s teenaged daughter Josslyn decides to have a party. Her friend Trina invites a bunch of people, who in turn bring beer. While the guests go outside to enjoy the hottub, Josslyn gets to chat with her crush, Oscar.

Out on bail, Julian Jerome is sought out by an old colleague from his criminal past named Garvey, who wants to take out revenge on Sonny Corinthos for the death of his brother. Julian refuses to take any part of his actions. Urged by his ex-wife Alexis Davis, Julian visits his daughter Samantha and her husband Jason Morgan, and tells them that Sonny is in possible danger.

When Jason tries to call Sonny and is unable to get through, he decides to fly down to Puerto Rico and let him know in person. Sam has been having paranoid notions and panicked responses to things lately, and is fearful for Jason’s safety. Sam begs him not to go to Sonny’s aid, but later recants, and tells him to go.

Just as Sonny and Carly find themselves held at gunpoint by Garvey, Jason arrives, and shoots him dead. Jason sustains a small injury, and fears what Sam will think of it.

Sam is a nervous wreck, and both her sister Molly Davis, and her mother in law Monica Quartermaine, are concerned about her atypical emotional reactions.

Molly Davis, while visiting her boyfriend TJ Ashford, runs into TJ’s Great Aunt Stella. Molly conversationally mentions that TJ’s biological father was Shawn Butler, not Stella’s nephew Thomas, as she’d believed. Stella goes on the rampage, and shows up to the Port Charles Police Station publicly declaring that TJ’s mother, Police Commissioner Jordan Ashford, is a whore. Curtis arrives and decompresses the situation a bit, corralling both women into the interrogation room for privacy. Stella tells Curtis that Jordan destroyed her family, and storms off.

Laura Spencer has moved in with Kevin Collins, and brought her sassy grandson Spencer Cassadine with her. Spencer continues to have problems with the death of his father and the loss of his family home. He Ubers to the office of Nina Reeves (the ex-wife of Valentin Cassadine, and presumed owner of the Cassadine estate) and demands restitution. He breaks down in tears, just as Laura and Kevin arrive on the scene.

Nina’s brother Detective Nathan West and Nurse Amy Driscoll arrive at the meeting with a publisher to sign a contract for a book deal. Nathan has agreed to pose at the writer of Amy’s advice column “Ask Man Landers” but only as long as neither his name nor picture are used. A compromise is made with using a photograph of Nathan in mostly shadow. The contract is signed, and Amy is ecstatic!

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