Episode 64: Nerdis

July 03, 2017

While Carly is being seduced by Sonny Corinthos on his Puerto Rican island, her daughter Josslyn is having a party at the house, with a dozen adolescent kids drinking beer and hanging in a hot tub. Josslyn’s grandmother, Bobbie Spencer, shows up and puts an end to the festivities. When Carly returns home, she discovers evidence of the party, and confronts Josslyn. Shortly after, Josslyn hears Carly telling Bobbie that she and Sonny are not going to divorce, but are going to get back together. Josslyn is angry and upset, and informs her mother that she’ll move in with her father in Australia ralther than live under the same roof as Sonny.

Sonny got Carly to take him back largely based on his promise to leave “the business” and no longer be a crime boss. Sonny was also influenced towards this decision by a phone call from his daughter Kristina, who’d been informed that there was a possible hit out on Sonny. This led Kristina to thank Julian Jerome for the information – a shocking act being that Kristina hates Julian and his past relationship with her mother, Alexis Davis. Julian continues to try and win back Alexis, much to everyone’s dismay.

Alexis find herself at a meeting with a new client in need of her legal services; namely Spencer Cassadine. Spencer is dead set on reclaiming his familial riches from Valentine Cassadine, the man who evidenly murdered his father. Alexis tells him there is nothing she can do until Valentin dies and perhaps she can make a case that the estate should again go to a male heir, instead of Valentine’s daughter Charlotte.

Reunited with his old driver Chandler, Spencer requests a detour on his way to summer camp, and visits his Uncle Sonny. Spencer asks Sonny to eliminate Valentine Cassadine. Sonny refuses, and Laura retrieves the young lad with harsh words.

At General Hospital, Ava Jerome is still in intensive care for massive burns, and in great pain. Ava asks her daughter Kiki, not to visit her anymore, as well as her lawyer pal Scottie Baldwin. When Detective Dante Falconeri visits her to ask about her role in the death of his half brother, Morgan Corinthos, Ava refuses to cooperate or answer any questions, regardless of the peace of mind it would give to Morgan’s family.

Doctor Obrecht is the subject of a sting operation to catch her tampering with the drug tests of fellow doctor Hamilton Finn. Finn’s baby momma Hayden Barnes hires her private investigator friend Curtis Ashford to expose Obrecht. With the help of Kiki Jerome and Monica Quartermaine, they manage to catch Obrecht admitting to her crimes, and she is immediately arrested by Police Commissioner Jordan Ashford.

Sitting outside of Kelly’s, Jordan and Anna Devane chat about Valentin and his trial, until interrupted by Jordan’s ex, Doctor Andre Maddox. Andre talks Anna into going somewhere to lift her spirits, and brings her to a dance studio. The two have a fun filled disco dance, which ends in a kiss.

Nina Reeves has been struggling with her decision to divorce her husband, Valentine, who is overseas presumably awaiting trial at the Hague. The reminder by Olivia Falconeri that her wedding to Ned Quartermaine is within days is difficult for Nina to handle.

Michael Corinthos-Quartermaine is told that he can bring a date to the wedding. Michael immediately asks Nelle Hayes, with whom he’d just spent an entire night in bed. Michael and Nelle don’t realize that Michael’s parents, Sonny and Carly, are going to be invited to the wedding as well.

Police Detective Nathan West is continuing to assist Nurse Amy Driscoll with her online advice site “Ask Man Landers” by posing as Man Landers himself. They are caught at the photoshoot by Nathan’s sister Nina Reeves, who swears herself to secrecy when she discovers that Amy has done it all to help her veteran brother with his medical bills and medical care.

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