Episode 65: Nedding Bells

July 09, 2017

Samantha Morgan goes to the hospital with her husband Jason, to address the fact that she’s been emotionally “off”. Sam opts to see the doctor alone, and tells Jason to respond to his text from his old boss, Sonny Corinthos while she is examined. Even alone, Sam does not tell the doctor about her paranoid thoughts, which mostly involve Sonny and how she thinks he endangers her family. After some blood tests reveal that she is low in iron, Sam attributes her issues to that, and leaves.

Sonny Corinthos, mobster of Port Charles, continues figure out how to leave the business for the sake of his family. When Jason arrives, Sonny tells him the news; not to pass the torch to him, but to warn him to watch his back if there is any action from old rivals. Jason leaves to retrieve Sam at the hospital, but Sam leaves the hospital without telling him, and heads straight to Sonny. Once there, she fantasizes about repeatedly stabbing Sonny with the scalpel she stole from her examination room, and then aggressively warns him to stay away from her family. A phone call from Jason looking for her snaps her out of her paranoid state. She promptly apologizes to Sonny, asks him not to tell Jason about her freak out, and leaves.

Sonny is then visited by his wife Carly. They have called off the divorce and gotten back together, but Carly’s daughter Josslyn in not happy about this development. She intends to live with her father, Jax, in Australia, but a phone call to Jax reveals that he will be working out of the country for months, and can’t take her in. Josslyn is crushed, and blames Sonny, for getting her father deported and thus incapable of doing business in America.

The wedding of Olivia Falconeri and Ned Quartermaine is upon us! A bachelor party goes without a hitch, but the batchelorette party is another matter. Left alone for a short while, Olivia downs four martinis on an empty stomach, and is wasted. Laura Spencer escorts Olivia to a hotel room to sleep it off, but when a real fireman knocks on the door, Olivia thinks he’s a stripper, and treats him as such. As a result, the police are called and Olivia is arrested on suspicion of being a hooker. Though everyone tries to hide it from her, the next morning Olivia sees her picture on the front page of the local newspaper, and is horrified. She nearly bails on the wedding, but Ned talks her out of it, and the ceremony goes on!

Michael Corinthos, meanwhile, has brought Nelle with him to to wedding, not realizing that his parents would be attending. They are horrified when told that Nelle and Michael are dating, but Sonny urges Carly to stay out of it.

Josslyn opts to stay home during the wedding, left to look after baby Avery. However, she gets a text from her crush, Oscar. She sneaks out of the house to meet him on a foot bridge, where he brings her flowers.

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