Episode 66: Spencer’s Rifts

July 17, 2017

The wedding of Ned and Olivia Quartermaine is nearly over. As the reception comes to a close, Olivia’s son, Detective Dante Falconeri, receives a phone call warning him that Valentin Cassadine is not in the Hague awaiting trial for selling deadly chemical weapons, but has been set free. Dante and his wife Lulu are worried about how this will effect their custody of Charlotte, the young daughter of Lulu and Valentin. Meanwhile, Valentin’s ex-wife, Nina Reeves, had gone to Wyndemere and fallen asleep wrapped in Valentin’s sweater, but is happily shocked when she is awoken by Valentin, returning home. Nina pulls herself from Valentine’s embrace and tells him that they are still divorced, and before she leaves, tells him where to find Charlotte. Valentin immediately heads to the MetroCourt and finds Charlotte at the wedding reception, but opts to let her go home with Lulu and Dante. The next day, Valentin visits Nina at work, and tells her that he’s started a non-profit foundation in her name to rehabilitate horses. Nina is touched, but remains steadfast against taking him back.

Young Spencer Cassadine is still seeking revenge on Valentin for killing his father. His new tactic is to hire attorney Alexis Davis to sue Valentin in a civil suit for wrongful death. When Valentin is served his paperwork from Alexis herself, Valentin is irate. Spencer is playing Hamlet in the summer camp he attends, and is finding much in common with the Danish prince, being that his father was killed by his uncle, who then claimed the family fortune as his own.

Mob boss Sonny Corinthos continues to figure out how to leave the business. He asks his long time friend, Jason Morgan, tol be partners with him in a completely legal venture, but Jason declines, not willing to risk the appearance that he is taking over Sonny’s place. Jason’s wife Sam is having more and more difficulty keeping her paranoid panic at bay, terrified that Jason will get sucked back into danger to help Sonny.

Sonny is trying to make amends with his step daughter Josslyn for having her father, Jax, deported. He’s managed to get the charges against Jax dropped, and tries to find Josslyn the good news. When he approaches Josslyn in the park, Josslyn’s crush, Oscar, assumes that Sonny is a creeper of some kind, and defends Josslyn against him. Sonny appreciates Oscar’s chivalry.

Josslyn’s grandmother, Bobbie Spencer, is intent on finding dirt on newcomer Nelle Hayes. Nelle is dating Bobbie’s grandson Michael Corinthos, and Bobbie sees Nelle as nothing but trouble, so she hires her old friend, Private Investigator Felicia Scorpio to dig up some skeletons in Nelle’s past.

Ava Jerome, still hospitalized from being severely burned, had asked her adult daughter Kiki to stop visiting her. However, Kiki tries to lift Ava’s spirits by bringing Ava’s toddler Avery to visit. Avery is frightened of Ava being so bandaged, and so Ava once again tells Kiki to not ever return.

An unexpected visitor arrives in the form of Spencer Cassadine. He empathizes with Ava’s facial burn, and gives her words of warmth.

Doctor Liesl Obrecht is in jail for being caught tampering with the drug screening tests of fellow doctor Hamilton Finn. Finn offers Obrecht a deal; he’ll drop the charges and she can go free if she admits her crime. Obrecht knows that to do so will destroy her medical career, but she has no choice but to accept the offer. However, Obrecht vows to take from Finn what he most cherishes.

Scottie Baldwin is visited by exwife and friend Lucy Coe, who gives him the sad news that his father, Lee Baldwin, had died. Scott’s daughter, Serena, also visits, and the three have a touching moment together. Laura Spencer also stops by to give her respects.

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