Episode 67: Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

July 24, 2017

Doctor Hamilton Finn is finally reinstated at General Hospital. He and his pregnant romantic partner Hayden Barnes go house hunting, and give the place a test run by fucking against a fireplace while real estate agent Lucy Coe had stepped outside.

Doctor Leisl Obrecht, fired for tampering with Finn’s drug tests, desperately wants revenge on Finn and Hayden. She begins to dig into Hayden’s past, and arranges a meeting with Hayden’s ex-fiance.

Ava Jerome, wrapped in bandages from suffering severely in a fire, is released from General Hospital. On her way home, she stops by the grave of Morgan Corinthos, where she runs into Morgan’s parents, Carly and Sonny Corinthos. They blame Ava for Morgan’s death, and tell her that the only reason they allow her to be alive is because she is suffering in pain and disfigurement. When Ava returns home, she begins to drink heavily. We finally see her face, and half of it is red and badly scarred.

The rift between the Spencers and the Cassadines continues.

Young Spencer Cassadine is throwing himself into the role of Hamlet at summer day camp, finding great similarity between the Danish prince his own life. He is still angry and wanting to wreak revenge on his great uncle, Valentin Cassadine. He refuses Valentin’s peace offering of a family ring, and then tells his cousin, Valentin’s very young daughter Charlotte, that it was Valentin who killed his father, Nikolas Cassidine. Charlotte is quite upset by this, and her grandmother, Laura, is called to the camp to console her. When Valentin also arrives and hears of what Spencer told his daughter, he confronts Laura about Spencer’s behavior before taking Charlotte out for ice-cream. When Laura asks to take Spencer home early, junior camp counselor Josslyn Jacks discovers that Spencer is missing!

Spencer, blindfolded and then thrown in a basement, tries to escape his mysterious kidnapper, but does little more than break his glasses.

Laura is frantic, assuming that Valentin had kidnapped Spencer to stop the civil suit for wrongful death that Spencer has started to avenge his father’s death. Valentin is brought to the police station, questioned, and arrested. His bail is then posted by Nina Reeves, his ex-wife. This does not please Nina’s brother, police detective Nathan West.

Police Commissioner Jordan Ashford is having problems of her own. Her beau, Curtis, has pulled the brakes on their relationship. Finding out that his Aunt Stella had put her romantic future aside to care for Curtis and his brother when they were young has made him feel it was necessary for him to do the same for her in return. Stella feels that Jordan destroyed her family, and it was fighting about Jordan’s place in Curtis’s life that triggered a recent stroke, for which she is still recovering.

Laura, a nervous wreck, turns to Spencer’s uncle Sonny for help with his disappearance, and to make Valentin pay. Though mobster Sonny had promised his wife Carly that he was leaving “the business,” he vows to use all of his resources to find Spencer, and has Carly’s blessing to do so. Carly’s daughter Josslyn is in tears, feeling guilty that as a junior camp counselor, she should have kept a better watch on Spencer. Knowing that Sonny is helping find Spencer calms Josslyn, and she warms to Sonny for the first time since he had her father Jax deported.

Sonny calls on his old right hand man Jason, to assist him in finding Spencer and “taking care of” Valentin. Jason enthusastically agrees to do so. This does not bode well with his wife Sam, who has been having paranoid delusions of Sonny taking Jason away from her, which aren’t entirely invalid. Sam seeks out her father, Julian Jerome, but when she arrives at the penthouse, she finds Ava, alone, passed out. The two have a strangely touching moment together, bonding over their shared distaste for Sonny.

Laura, still convinced that Valentin has her grandson captive, follows him to the pier, begging for Spencer’s return. When he denies guilt, Laura hits him over the head with a crow bar. Still consious, Valentin gets to his feet, only to be put in a sleeper hold by Jason, who intends to find out whatever Valeintin knows.

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