Episode 68: Is This The End?

July 31, 2017

Detective Nathan West has been working hard on the case of the missing twelve year old Spencer Cassadine. Nathan’s sister, Nina Reeves, paid the bail of her ex-husband Valentine Cassadine, the lead suspect in Spencer’s kidnapping. Detective Dante Falconeri tells Nathan to take some time off, so Nathan heads to The Floating Rib to wind down, but runs into his father-in-law, Mac Scorpio. Mac has a sexy present for his wife Felicia, and confesses to Nathan that he was inspired by the advice column Ask Man Landers. When Mac leaves, Nathan calls Amy Driscoll, a friend who has roped him into being the face of Ask Man Landers, when to his surprise, his long distance wife, Maxi Jones arrives. She has only a few hours of lay over in Port Charles, and she and Nathan are held captive by family until Nathan and Maxie make it clear that they would like some alone time.

Oscar, the new kid in town, brings some evidence to the police station and speaks to Dante. This leads Dante to find the house where Spencer was kept prisoner, and finds Spencer’s broken glasses, but no Spencer. Spencer’s grandmother, Laura, is beside herself with worry.

Mobster Sonny Corinthos had asked his old hitman Jason Morgan to help with the disappearance of Spencer, his nephew. Jason dutifully takes Valentine to a private location, ties him to a chair, and questions him. Luckily, Valentin is able to convince Jason that his is innocent, and is set free. Nina sees that he’s clearly been in a fight of some kind, and brings him to the police station to make a statement. While there, Laura accuses him yet again of taking Spencer, but suddenly, Spencer himself arrives, having escaped from the basement on his own. He accuses Valentin of his kidnapping, before Laura impresses upon him that he shouldn’t lie. Spencer can’t truthfully say that he knows WHO kidnapped him, so Valentin is again set free.

Meanwhile, Sonny has received a text message with an image of Spencer held captive in the basement. Sonny is instructed to meet the kidnapper alone at the Black Duck Distillary. Sonny complies, and is met by Garvey, a rival who has already tried to kill Sonny once before. Shots are fired, and Garvey is in bad shape. Jason’s wife Samantha Morgan appears, and holds Sonny at gunpoint. Sam has been having paranoid delusions about Sonny and his intentions to drag Jason back into the business and get him killed, delusions which have led her to tail Sonny to the distillary and threaten his life. Sonny partailly talks Sam down and tries to take the gun from her hand, but he is shot in the leg. Sam then kicks Sonny into a hole in the floor to the basement, where Sonny lands and loses consciousness amongst the barrels and crates. When Sonny comes to, Sam is long gone, and his yells for help only bring bleeding Garvey, who leaves him for dead.

Sam returns home, with crazed eyes and meandering sentences. Jason catches her just as she faints, and brings her to the Emergency Room. There she has a seizure, and Doctor Hamilton Finn and Doctor Griffin Munro determine that she is suffering an infection of toxoplasmosis, transmitted by contact with animals. Sam’s mother, Alexis Davis, arrives at the hospital and messages Sam’s father, Julian Jerome, to the ER. When he arrives, he is told off by both Sam’s sister Kristina, and by Jason.

Sonny’s lawyer Diane is unhappy. Sonny is trying to leave the business, and to that end he has nominated his underling, Max, as the temporary boss.

Sonny’s stepdaughter, Josslyn, is supposed to be grounded, but sneaks out with Oscar, her new crush. As chance would have it, he brings her to the Black Dusk Distillery. There, he finds a bullet shell, and saves it, declaring his intention to make something out of it, though he doesn’t know what it is. Sonny remains unaware of their presence, as he’d passed out. By the time he wakes, they are long gone.

Garvey had managed to make his way to the parking garage of General Hospital, where he grabs Nurse Elisabeth Webber, and demands she get him supplies to treat his bulletwound. Sonny’s wife, Carly, happens upon them, and overtakes Garvey. She’d already figured out that Sonny was missing, and was warned that Garvey was back in town. Poking at his wound, she demands to know what he did to Sonny, but Garvey only says that he killed him.

Nathan’s mother, the mad scientist Leisl Orbrecht, is plotting against Elizabeth’s half sister, Hayden Barnes as a means to get revenge on Hayden’s baby-daddy, Hamilton Finn. To this end, she has tracked down Hayden’s ex-husband, and meets with him. Her plan is not yet known…

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