Episode 33: Thanksgiving

November 28, 2016

A truncated week of only three episodes!

In an emotional moment, Carly kisses her ex-husband Jasper Jacks. Jax stops the kissing, pointing out to Carly that she’s in mourning for her dead son Morgan, and misses her current husband, Sonny Corinthos, from whom she is separated. Carly apologizes and regrets the act, but Carly’s personal assistant Nelle hears the two discussing the kiss.

Curtis visits the Quartermaine mansion to see the sickly Hayden who is staying there while being treated by Doctor Hamilton Finn for possibly being infected by the same deadly mystery disease Finn himself suffers from and is trying to cure. Doctor Finn gets the news he was dreading; Hayden is indeed infected.

Curtis later runs into the pregnant Samantha Morgan and her husband Jason at the local eatery, and asks that he and Jason work together in solving the case of who planted the bomb in Julian Jerome’s car that accidentally took the life of Morgan Corinthos. Jason agrees to work with Curtis.

Diane Miller, lawyer supreme, has managed to get Sonny out on bail during his hearing, and escorts him home, where he is fitted with an anklet to keep him under house arrest until the trial.

On Thanksgiving, Alexis Davis hosts a dinner with her daughters Samantha, Kristina, and Molly. Police Commissioner Jordan Ashford arrives with her boyfriend Doctor Andre Maddox. Soon after, Jordan’s son TJ (Molly’s boyfriend) arrives with his Uncle Curtis in tow. The tension between Andre and Curtis is palpable. While Andre is busy with a phone call, Curtis lets Alexis know that when he’d called her with a lead on a case, Andre had answered her phone and told Curtis to leave Jordan be.

Alexis, meanwhile, is having difficulty watching everyone around her drink alcohol while pretending to be sober in solidarity with her pregnant daughter Sam. Her alcoholism wins out, as she bolts out the door to run an errand, then texts her daughters with a completely fabricated excuse as to why she won’t be back. Instead, she sits at a bar outside of town, happily drinking straight vodka. Happily, that is, until her ex-husband Julian, a mobster who lied to her and tried to kill her, happens to be at the same bar and approaches her. He threatens to call her daughters and tell them what Alexis is up to, so she grabs his phone and throws is against the wall. As she slips out and tries to drive away, Julian tries to stop her, and in her drunken confusion goes forward when she meant to go back and hits her ex-husband with her car!

At Carly’s house, Carly’s daughter Josslyn, and son Michael, arrive with food for Thanksgiving, thanks to personal assistant Nelle. Nelle sees Carly’s phone recieving a call from Sonny and is concerned, but then sees that Carly is too busy to answer the phone due to an embrace with Jax. Nelle slips out to visit Sonny, and lets him know that Jax and Carly had kissed. The drunken Sonny is enraged.

At the home of Lulu and Dante Falconeri, another Thanksgiving celebration is taking place. surrounded by family and friends, Lulu and Dante announce that they are finally going to get remarried after their brief split last year. An impromptu ceremony is held, and everyone is happy.

The Quartermaine’s Thanksgiving, of course, is notorious for getting sabotaged, and this year was no different. Tracy Quartermaine stole a treasured item from each of her family members, and blackmailed them into an evening attendance. As the turkey is presented, Monica Quartermaine realizes that the Turkey had been soaked in BACTERIA not BRINE. Once again, pizza is ordered for a Quartermaine Thanksgiving feast.

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