Episode 10

June 20, 2016

Lucas Jones and Brad Cooper show up at the home of Alexis Davis and Julian Jerome (who is Lucas’s dad), to finally get married. Lucas’s half sister Carly, and mother Bobbie Spencer-Jones, also show up for the event. As the ceremony starts in the living room, Detective Nathan West arrives with a search warrant, and the police proceed to look through the house for evidence in the killing of Carlos Rivera while the wedding continues. Shortly after the guests leave, the cops find the dagger that Julian used to kill Carlos, and take it for testing. When they are alone, Alexis tells Julian she wants a divorce, but he refuses. Instead, he spends the night a hotel, hoping Alexis will cool off. The next morning, the police arrest Alexis for Carlos’s murder due to her DNA being found on the knife with Carlos’ blood.

Julian, meanwhile, visits Nina Reeves, editor of Crimson Magazine. She is completely aware that her alibi is needed by Julian, and blackmails him into posing nude for the next issue of the magazine, which will objectify men.

Anna Devane asks Police Commissioner Jordan Ashford about the case against Julian Jerome, and Jordan tells her that she is too emotionally compromised, due to Julian having killed Anna’s one true love. While Anna tries to change Jordan’s mind, Psychiatrist Andre Maddox arrives. Anna asks his professional opinion on the matter, and he sides with Jordan, but after Anna leaves, Andre tells Jordan he doesn’t actually agree with her, and expresses his high opinion of Anna’s skills. This sparks yet another fight with Jordan accusing Andre of having feelings for Anna, and Andre storms off. He goes straight to Anna’s house, where he confesses to having feelings for her, and tells her that they have to end their friendship, which Anna has no choice but to agree to. Immediately afterwards, Andre returns to Jordan and tells her that he loves her.

Hayden Barnes’ mother, Naomi Dreyfus, happens to be visiting the Wyndemere when the FBI agents return, still on the hunt for the missing diamonds, and about to take Hayden into custody for her prints being found on an itemized list of the jewels. Naomi successfully repels them with a tall tale.

At the hospital, the hunt for the serial killer continues! Staff is being questioned one by one, mostly centering around suspicions of Doctor Hamilton Finn. Finn’s greatest critic, fellow doctor Liesl Obrecht, goes into Finn’s locker and presents his hypodermic needle to Chief of Staff Monica Quartermaine. Finn refuses to explain his hypodermic needle, and refuses a drug test, so Monica puts him on suspension until she finds out what the hypodermic contains. Finn heads to the local bar to drink away his sorrows. He runs into Hayden, but soon becomes visibly woozy, and Hayden agrees to help him back to his hotel room.

Curtis puts together a graduation party for the police cadets, as a present for his cadet girlfriend Valerie Spencer, and is filled with nostalgia for his years as a police officer. He decides to try and get his badge back, and goes to Commissioner Ashford to ask her for help. She reminds him of the cocaine problem that ended his career, and he tells her that he’s a different man, and expresses his regret and guilt at having told his brother Tommy, Jordan’s now dead husband, that her son TJ was actually fathered by his best friend, Shawn Butler. TJ, who was on his way into his mother’s office, overhears them speaking, learns that Shawn is his father, and sneaks away before they see him.

Sam and Jason Morgan are still holed up in a cabin, on the run trying to prove that Nikolas Cassadine is still alive so that Jason will not be charged with his murder. Spinelli shows up to help with Nikolas’ laptop which Jason stole from Wyndemere, and restores the hard drive, to give them clues as to where Nikolas went. One of Sonny’s men also shows up to the cabin, supplying Sam and Jason with lots of cash and a gun. Sam and Jason find their way to the forger that Nikolas used to get a new identity, and purchase their own fake passports, while going though the forger’s files to find out what name Nikolas is now using, and where he went. They fly to London, hot on the trail.

Ava Jerome takes her brother Julian’s advice and gets out of town, taking the opportunity to fly overseas to take care of some kind of mysterious business dealing. As she boards the plane, she finds she is seated next to none other than the presumed dead Nikolas Cassadine, whom she immediately recognizes and photographs. During the flight, a strange British man who goes by Huxley fawns over Nikolas, seemingly taking him for a famous actor – but we later see indications that Huxley is not what he seems. He whisks them away to his manor, and locks them away, for a reason we do not yet know.

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