59 mins

Episode 11

June 27, 2016

This week, we find Hayden Barnes-Cassadine having spent the night watching over the sickly Doctor Hamilton Finn, whom she’d helped home to his hotel room the previous night when he became suddenly dizzy and unwell. Upon waking, Finn gives Hayden instructions on how to retrieve his notebook from his locker in the co-ed hospital locker rooms, which Hayden does, though she has a run-in with nurse Elisabeth Webber in the process. When Hayden returns, she holds the notebook hostage in exchange for an explanation. Doctor Finn tells her that he is dying of a rare disease, the notebook is a record of his ongoing protocol of drugs that help to slow the process. Hayden then asks if Finn’s wife had died of the same disease, which she did. As Hayden leaves the hotel room, she is spotted by Elizabeth Webber, who has been suspect of Hayden’s actions since she saw her in the locker room.

Alexis Davis is on the verge of leaving her mobster husband Julian Jerome and implicating him in the murder of Carlos Rivera, but is instead arrested by Detective Nathan West for the murder, due to her fingerprints being found on the dagger with traces of Carlos’s blood. Sonny is witness to Alexis’s arrest, and calls attorney extraordinaire Diane Miller with the news.

Nina Reeves, editor in chief of Crimson Magazine, is going man-crazy during her test-shoots for their next issue of the magazine which focuses on “real men”. Feeling randy, she asks her ex-boyfriend Franco if he’d have sex with her. Franco says that he will consider it, but is torn. Soon after, Nina is then entranced by a sex toy that is delivered to their office for review.

Franco, meanwhile, visits the home of Elizabeth Weber with a housewarming gift. Chatting in the kitchen, Franco and Elizabeth kiss, followed by a series of questions and accusations ending in a promise to never speak of the incident again.

Ava Jerome, Art Dealer, and Nicolas Cassadine, presumed dead prince with an assumed name, have both traveled to London on business, both end up kidnapped and held in a room of an English manor by the very British Huxley Lynch, and are threatened with bodily harm if Ava does not provide a statue of a Weeping Nyad that was stolen from his family many years ago. Eventually the pair escape their captors, and sneak off into the moors, finding a small shed for shelter.

Jason and Sam Morgan, gathering evidence that Nikolas faked his own death, have followed the trail to the same English manor house, and make a deal with Huxley to join forces, letting Jason and Sam take Nikolas, and leaving Ava for Huxley to do with as he wishes.

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