61 mins

Episode 12

July 05, 2016

Alexis Davis returns home from a night in jail for being the prime suspect in the murder of Carlos Rivera. There she finds her husband, Julian Jerome, the man who actually committed the murder. The ghost of Carlos, invisible to Alexis, taunts Julian and goads him into killing his wife. Julian nearly tries to drown her in the bath, but is interrupted by Sonny’s arrival. Alexis tells Julian to leave, and explains to Sonny that she’s been trying to goad Julian into a confession while she records him on her mobile. Sonny tries to talk Alexis out of it, because he fears for her safety, but Alexis believes that getting a confession out of Julian is the only way to clear her name and get the charges against her dropped.

Sonny leaves Alexis and goes to the Metrocourt hotel bar to confront Julian, and pretends to let it slip that Alexis is pregnant, a strategic move to ensure that she’d be safe from Julians’ murderous self-serving tendencies. Julian immediately returns home to Alexis and demands to know if she is indeed pregnant, which Alexis pretends to admit is true. Julian presents a home pregnancy test, and demands that Alexis take it. When she does, we see a positive pregnancy test. Is Alexis really pregnant?! Armed with the positive test, she STILL can’t get Julian to admit to having killed Carlos Rivera. It is later decided between Alexis and ex-spy ex-police commissioner Anna Devane that Alexis will wear a wire for future attempts to record Julian implicating himself in conversation.

Meanwhile, the daughter of Alexis and Sonny – Kristina Corinthos – walks through the park, leaving a voicemail for the professor she’d tried to have a relationship with, a woman named Parker. She is overheard by Aaron, a fellow she’d recently met and been dating. They speak about the normality of being in touch with one’s exes.

Ava Jerome, art dealer and occasional mob boss, is being hunted across England by a crazy British aristocrat searching for a family heirloom, a statue called The Weeping Nymph. Ava’s partner in escape is Nikolas Cassidine due to a chance encounter, who, having faked his own death to avoid being blackmailed by his wife, is on the lamb. Ava deftly flirts and blackmails her way onto a private jet with Nikolas to parts unknown.

Still trying to clear his name of murder, Jason Morgan continues to search for Nikolas. When he follows the trail to a small shack, he is confronted by a large man, a scuffle ensues, and Jason takes his gun, ties up the henchman, and leaves him.

Meanwhile, at the Quartermaine mansions, Michael Quartermaine-Corinthos discovers that the baby of Sabrina Santiago and Carlos Rivera, little Teddy, is suddenly very sick. Dr Hamilton Finn happens to be checking up on Tracy Quartermaine, and he recommends the child be rushed to the hospital. At the hospital they run into Sabrina, talking with her best friend, nurse Felix Dubois. The group runs straight into a hospital room and start treating the baby. Doctor Obrecht shows up and demands Dr. Finn stop treating the baby, and before she can tell the authorities, Michael grabs her and she is stuffed into a closet. As the treatment continues, newly graduated police woman Valerie Spencer shows up, releases Obrecht, but allows the doctor to continue saving the life of Teddy. When the culprit is found and the child is stable, Finn walks up to Officer Spencer and gives himself up for arrest.

In the county jail, without his regular medicine injections for his rare disease, Finn begins to go through severe withdrawal and sickness. Hayden Barnes-Cassadine, Nikolas’s supposed widow, visits Finn and is aghast at his condition, so she goes on a mission to retrieve his mail form the hospital where he’d been mailed illegal experimental drugs, then sneaks the medicine and a syringe into the jail and injects Finn between the bars of his cell.

Nina Reeves overhears Franco and Elizabeth Webber talking, and confronts Franco about his intentions towards Elizabeth and towards herself. She calls out Franco on a spectrum of nefarious motivations, and by the time she leaves, she tells him that she’s outgrown him.

In response to this, Franco visits his mother, Heather Webber, in her prison for the criminally insane. He asks Heather what she knew of Elizabeth, who’d been her stepdaughter at some point.

The relationship between Kiki Jerome and Morgan Corinthos continues to develop, while his parents look watchfully on. Dillon Quartermaine tries to fight for Kiki, but Kiki feels some obligation to Morgan. Even when Morgan tells Dillon that he should stay away from Kiki, she agrees.

TJ finally confronts his mother and (uncle) Curtis about having been lied to his entire life about his father actually being Shawn Butler.

And last but not least, Nurse Elizabeth Webber finds Doctor Mays unresponsive on a hospital room floor!

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