59 mins

Episode 13

July 11, 2016

Nikolas Cassidine is still on the run after having faked his death, now traveling with Ava Jerome as his companion after a chance meeting on the plane. After an unfortunate adventure in England, they escape to Nikolas’s evil family’s old headquarters, Cassadine Island in the Medditeranian Sea. Soon after, Jason and Sam Morgan arrive, hot on their trail. An angry confrontation takes place, but it soon becomes clear that the massive storm hitting the Metiteranian Sea has made all travel and cel phone use impossible until the weather passes. Nikolas tries to escape, but mysteriously gets knocked out in the wine cellar by a blow to the head. Are they alone?

Nathan’s mysterious exwife is finally revealed! Yes, the woman who married Nathan for a green card, led him on romantically while seducing a priest, has showed her face. She arrives for a job interview with Crimson Magazine, interviewed by Maxie and Dillon, but concealing her name by calling herself CJ, and gets the job. Claudette then tricks Nathan, and then Maxie, to her hotel room, blaming the event on Nathan’s need for closure. Maxie sees her old nefarious self in Claudette, and decides to play along with the ex-wife to keep her from ratting out Nathan for shooting Claudette’s lover in a drunken blackout when he found them in bed together.

Kristina Corinthos continues to get closer to Aaron. She tells him that Parker was her professor, but before she can tell him Parker was a woman, she gets an urgent phone call from her half sister Molly about their mother, Alexis Davis.

Alexis has been trying to record her murderous mob husband, Julian Jerome, admitting that he was the one who actually committed the murder that she is being charged with. She agrees to wear a wire, the recording of which is monitored by Police Commissioner Jordan, DA Paul Hornsby, and Investigator Anna Devane. Julian arrives at home having stolen the murder weapon from the evidence room to dismiss the case against Alexis. When he realizes that Alexis is wearing a wire, he takes said knife and drags her to the docks with the blade at her throat. Sonny finds them, Julian and Sonny fight over a gun until Alexis stabs Julian in the back. Sonny touches the knife to put his fingerprints on it, and then takes credit for the stabbing when the police arrive.

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