Episode 14: The Buttinskis

July 18, 2016

Tracy Quartermaine speeds up the process to have the charges against Dr. Hamilton Finn dropped and gets him reinstated on staff at General Hospital. Unfortunately, the drug that is staving off the rare disease from which Finn’s is slowly dying is no longer available from his dealer. Hayden, having witnessed Finn get sick before from a lack of his medicine, tells Tracy about Finn’s predicament, and they confront Finn together, trying to come up with a plan to use their power and resources to smuggle illegal drugs to him.

Anna confronts Julian in his hospital bed, and after an emotional exchange, she decides to spend the rest of the summer with her daughter and grand-daughter.

TJ speaks to his mother Jordan Ashford about her having lied to him his entire life about who his biological father was, and in the end forgives her.

Franco overhears Elizabeth Webber trying to avoid him, so he confronts her in a stopped elevator, where she confesses that she’s afraid, not of Franco, but of her feelings for him.

Kristina Corinthos’s new boyfriend Aaron has opened a Corinthos coffee stand on the waterfront, which will now employ Kristina, as well as her half brother Morgan Corinthos. While on the waterfront, Morgan his again-girlfriend Kiki Jerome run into their exes, Dillon Quartermaine and Darby, on a date together. Tensions flare!

Claudette meets Nina Reeves, who tries to fire her upon realizing that she is her brother Nathan’s ex-wife, but Maxie talks her out of it. Nina hires Curtis Ashford to be her private investigator for both Crimson magazine, and to get dirt on Claudette. Maxie also wants to find dirt on Claudette, so she steals Claudette’s room key card, and gets Nathan to take Claudette to lunch so Maxie can check out her hotel room for clues about what she’s up to. Curtis arrives with the same idea. When Claudette returns to her room, she sees things misplaced and correctly assumes Maxie was the culprit.

In the midst of a massive storm on Cassadine Island, Jason and Sam Morgan are still watching over Nikolas Cassadine (who faked his own death and went on the run) and Ava Jerome, as well as a mysterious stranger who claims he ended up on the island when his fishing boat got caught in the storm, but the audience sees his Cassadine crest tattoo. Breifly alone, Ava finds Nikolas’s stash of stolen diamonds down his pants.

Meanwhile, Nikolas’s son Spencer is caught by Doctor Kevin Collins and Laura Spencer, and the boy confesses that Nikolas is indeed alive. Laura tells her daughter Lulu the news, and together with Lulu’s police detective husband Dante, they head to Cassadine Island on a hunch. Kevin Collins has the same hunch, and flies to Greece to support Laura, as well as give her a package. The envelope he gives her is part of the mysterious Helena Cassadine death wish scavinger-hunt curse, in which is found a picture of the famed Ice Princess diamond, as well as sand. The four of them head to Cassadine Island. Shortly after they arrive and find Sam, Jason, Ava, and Nikolas; the fisherman returns, his accent now gone, brandishes a gun and tells them they are HIS guests now.

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