Episode 16: I Think I’m a Clone Now

August 01, 2016

Editor in chief of Crimson magazine, Nina Reeves, gets hospital-bound Julian Jerome to sign over control of the magazine while he faces legal issues. During her visit she crashes into Julian’s henchman who had been trying to slip Julian a new dose of a drug to emulate heart arriythmia, and the vial of the drug crashes to the floor. Julian is therefore proclaimed well enough to attend his arraignment.

As the soon-to-be ex-wife of Julian Jerome, and nearly one of his murder victims, lawyer Alexis Davis joins her BFF and legal counsul Diane Miller to the courthouse for the arraignment. While there, Julian proclaims his love for her, to Alexis’ horror.

Maxie Jones, engaged to detective Nathan West, tries to drive Claudette, Nathan’s duplicitous exwife, out of town by getting her fired from her job at Crimson magazine, where they work together, by sabotaging Claudette’s computer files. Maxie’s rouse is revealed, Claudette voluntarily leaves her job, Nina, Nathan’s sister, accepts the resignation with glee.

Claudette enlists Nathan to drive her to the airport, but in the rush he forgets his cel phone, his car mysteriously dies on a deserted stretch of road, and Claudette feigns a powerless phone, leaving them stranded together.

Nurse Amy Driscoll tells newly graduated policewoman Valerie Spencer that she saw Franco, a serial killer performance artist who got better after a brain tumor was removed and now works in General Hospital as an art therapist, in a patient’s room with a vial of some kind. When approached, Franco explains that he was leaving a peice of artwork the patient had made, and found the empty vial on the floor. The vial is confisgated and tested for it’s residue, but when the patient in question dies soon after, Franco is the assumed suspect.

Mobster Sonny Corinthos sees his daughter Kristina Corinthos-Davis kissing a woman in the doorway as she leaves the hotel. Sonny confronts his daughter alone in the hotel room, where he learns that the professor whom Kristina had previously sexually propositioned for a passing grade for which she was subsequently kicked out of school, was in fact a woman, and was specifically, THAT woman, with whom Kristina has just spent the night. Sonny tells his daughter that he accepts and loves her, but still has reservations about her being involved with such an older woman. Kristina’s mother, Alexis, runs into Professor Parker on the waterfront, where Alexis learns of the sexual encounter the night before, and proceeds to warn Parker away from Kristina. When Kristina shows up for work the following day, she is greeted by her boyfriend/coworker Aaron, who tells her a woman left Kristina a letter. The letter is from Parker, and it’s a goodbye letter. After a good cry and some parental support, Kristina tells Aaron that she slept with her professor the night before, and that the professor was a woman. Aaron is shocked.

On Cassadine Island, Lulu Spencer-Falconeri manages to knock out a henchman looking for her in the catacombs. Lulu takes his gun, and then saves the others being held at gunpoint by the long lost Valentin Cassadine and his other henchmen. Lulu, her husband, detective Falconeri; her mother, Laura Spencer; Ava Jerome, Sam and Jason Morgan, and Doctor Kevin Collins, who was shot in an earlier skirmish. They all run from the Cassadine mansion and hide themselves on the island, looking for means of escape. They remove the bullet from Kevin’s shoulder and sew him up, fearing the inevitable infection. A young woman appears, who claims to live on the island at the address 13 Amiklon, which is the return address of the cryptic blank envelope which Lulu was
left in Helena Cassadine’s will months ago. The woman, named Daphne, returns with antibiotics and a first aid kit. They leave Daphne and pile aboard a jet plane they found on the island, Jason assuring them he can fly it. While over the Mediterranean Sea, they realize the fuel is leaking and prepare to make an emergency landing.

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