Episode 15: OMG, you killed Nikolas! YOU BASTARD!

July 25, 2016

Alexis Davis finds that she is not, in fact, pregnant. She leaves divorce papers for her murderous husband Julian Jerome on his hospital bed while he sleeps. Julian had one of his henchmen get him a drug to induce near cardiac arrest, to stall his release from the hospital and looming arraignment, and plans to do so again.

Hayden Barnes asks her mother Naomi Dreyfus to assist herself and Tracy Quartermaine in getting the illegal drug Zekenestrol, the medication that Doctor Hamilton Finn has run out of and needs for his mysterious ailment. Naomi tells them that Zekenestrol, also known as Zen-zen, is a highly addictive drug, and tells them they’ve been had.

Doctor Finn turns to Sonny Corinthos for help. Sonny agrees to fly Finn out of the country where he can buy this drug legally, if Finn will ensure that Julian Jerome is deemed healthy enough to be transferred out of the hospital.

Kristina Cornithos’s married lesbian ex-professor Parker Forsyth, is in town for some speaking events. Kristina visits her hotel room unannounced, and explains that she’s dealt with her romantic feelings towards Parker and has moved on with a really nice young man Aaron. Parker confesses that her marriage has fallen apart, and breaks into tears. Kristina consoles Parker, and the two end up spending the night together, Kristina’s first experience with a woman!

Morgan Corinthos, successfully putting his life back together after being hospitalized for Bipolar Disorder, gets a hotel room for he and his on-again girlfriend to spend the night together. After a successful night of sex, Kiki goes to work at the hotel restaurant, where she runs into almost-boyfriend Dillon Quartermaine, and asks to be friends again, clearly wishing for more. Morgan meanwhile, goes to his new job on the waterfront, working a coffee stand for Sonny’s coffee company with Kristina’s boyfriend Aaron. Morgan realizes he forgot his meds in the hotel room and Sonny offers to retrieve them, but in the process of doing so, Sonny witnesses a passionate kiss between Parker and Kristina in a hotel room doorway!

While working at the hospital, Elizabeth Webber runs into her ex-husband Rick Lansing. He expresses displeasure at her relationship with Franco, which drives her to accept Franco’s offer of a date.

Lucy Coe meets up with ex-husband and long time friend Scotty Baldwin for dinner, who begs her for a job of some kind, but Lucy is broke herself, having been swindled by evil investment banker Raymond Berlin. Franco arrives and offers to buy them both dinner, but when Berlin’s ex-wife Naomi Dreyfus, sitting nearby at the hotel bar, hears Franco mention he got a large sum of money from Heather Webber, she panics and faints.

Later at the hospital, Naomi is visited by daughter Hayden, and Elizabeth is the attending nurse. When asked by Naomi about Elizabeth’s family, Naomi agains starts to panic, this time at the mention of Elizabeths’ father Jeff Webber. It would seem that Hayden’s father is not Raymond Berlin, but Jeff Webber. However it’s a secret that few are aware of, certainly not Elizabeth or Hayden.

Sabrina Santiago considers moving out of the Quartermaine mansion, but is talked out of it by the devoted Michael Quartermaine-Corinthos. Soon after, Sabrina is visited by Jose / Joe Rivera, the older brother and spitting image of Carlos. He’s come to Port Charles to visit and assist Sabrina Santiago and her infant child Teddy, his nephew.

On Cassadine Island, we discover that the fellow posing as a fisherman is actually Valentin, a bastard son of Mikkos Cassadine; making him a half-uncle to Nikolas Cassadine.

Valentin’s henchmen take captive everyone on the island, everyone being: Sam and Jason Morgan, Nikolas Cassadine, Ava Jerome, Kevin Collins, Laura Spencer, Lulu Spencer, and Dante Falconeri. Sam and Jason are brought upstairs and tied up somewhere, while Ava and Nikolas are brought upstairs for a private discussion with Valentin in Helena’s old bedroom. Valentin tries to coerce Nikolas into signing over his Cassadine fortune by threatening Ava’s life. Nikolas finally gives in and signs the documents, but Valentin decides to kill Ava anyway. Nikolas tries to save Ava, gets shot, crashes through a window and falls off of a balcony to his death. (Again.)

Downstairs, Lulu manages to escape from their henchmen guards into the tunnels beneath the house, where she becomes immediately lost.

Ava tries to seduce Valentin into lowering his guard before attacking him and trying to escape, but fails. She’s brought downstairs to the others, and tells Laura that Nikolas had died. Laura is inconsolable, and lets out a tirade at Valentin, who reacts by trying to shoot her, but Kevin Collins leaps in the way of the bullet and is shot in her stead!

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