Episode 19: The Youngening!

August 22, 2016

Lawyer Alexis Davis is waiting for the decision of by the bar association if her license to practice law will be revoked. Her best friend and lawyer, Diane Miller, pleads in defense of Alexis, as does the unexpected Olivia Falconeri. Alexis is given one year suspension with a pending re-evaulation. In response, Alexis drinks many cocktails.

Also drunk that same evening, is Alexis’ daughter Kristina. Upon learning that Alexis had talked the woman of Kristina’s dreams, a married professor, into ending their sexual relationship, Kristina is loaded. She runs into younger sister Molly, and the two fight before making up and heading home.

Samantha and Jason Morgan not only find out that they are both malaria-free, but they are also expecting a baby, AND once again engaged!

Carly Corinthos thanks Nina Reeves, editor of Crimson magazine, for using the magazine’s media reach in finding who they believe is Carly’s daughter’s kidney donor. Carly, her husband Sonny Corinthos, her ex-husband Jasper Jacks, and the suspected donor Nelle all arrive at the hospital for some noninvasive procedures to see if Nelle was the donor for Carly and Jack’s daughter Josslyn. When all signs point to yes, they send half-brother Michael to retrieve Josslyn, and they tell her the news. There’s lots of tears and hugging. In the end, Josslyn and Carly ask Nelle to stay in town so they can get to know her better, to Jacks’s mysterious dismay.

The investigator who was hired on behalf of Crimson magazine to find Josslyn’s kidney donor, Curtis Ashford, is now asked by Nina to use his skills on behalf of finding her a baby to raise. This is largely because of Nina’s period of mental instability when she first woke from being in a coma for 25 years and then kidnapped a pregnant woman, stole her baby, and fled to Canada to start a family with Franco, a reformed performance artist serial killer. Curtis initially refuses Nina’s pleas, but eventually gives in.

Dillon Quartermaine keeps running into drama having to do with Kiki Jerome. Planning to stop at the Metro Court restaurant for a coffee on his way to work upstairs, he runs into Morgan Corinthos in the elevator, laden with a bouquet of flowers for Kiki, his girlfriend. Morgan accuses Dillon of pathetically stalking Kiki, who works at the restaurant. Dillon avoids Kiki and the two have little conversation aside from Kiki running headfirst into him, his coffee exploding across his chest. This was all watched by Kiki’s mother, Ava Jerome, who’d been sitting in the back of the restaurant. Ave follows Dillon upstairs to the Crimson Magazine offices, and tries to talk Dillon into breaking up Kiki and Morgan. Dillon refuses, and tells Ava to go to hell.

Leaving work, Dillon again runs into Kiki, but less literally this time. Dillon finds Kiki alone in the parking garage, her car with a flat tire. He changes the tire for her, while telling her what Ava had tried to talk him into doing.

Tracy Quartermaine, alarmed at Dillon taking medications for a sexually transmitted infection, meets with Dillon’s father, Paul Hornesby to lunch. She asks him to reach out to Dillon as a father.

Later, Tracy meets up with Laura Spencer at General Hospital. Both women had long romantic histories with Luke Spencer, and they are waiting on test results to see if the human remains found beneath the Cassadine mansion were indeed those of Luke. They are relieved when told the dead body is not that of Luke.

Laura, her daughter Lulu, Lulu’s husband Dante Falconeri, Doctor Kevin Collins, and Hayden Barnes return to the mansion Wyndemere from the funeral of Laura’s Cassadine-born son, Nikolas. Lulu gets mad at Hayden for drving Nikolas away, then Laura gets mad at Hayden for being a gold digger. After an emotional episode together, Laura and Kevin share a tender kiss, and Kevin asks Laura on a date.

Back at the hospital, Doctor Hamilton Finn is talking to himself in his lab. Deputy Valerie Spencer is doing rounds, due to the hospital serial killer still on the loose. She enters Finn’s lab, finds a cufflink on the ground, but after Finn leaves is knocked unconscious, the cufflink removed from her pocket. Curtis finds her, and brings her to the police station where they find the cufflink online.

Also at the hospital, Claudette and Doctor Griffin Munro speak to each other in a conference room before a meeting, but words turn into kissing. Detective Nathan West and fiance Maxie Jones walk into the room, shocked to see Nathan’s ex-wife kissing the ex-priest. Nathan soon realizes that the man Claudette cheated on him with many years ago was FATHER MUNRO! The vehemency of Nathan’s reaction now causes Maxie to feel that Nathan is still in love with Claudette.

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