Episode 20: Everything’s Blue in this World

August 29, 2016

Kiki Jerome meets her bipolar boyfriend Morgan Corinthos at his father’s coffee stand on the waterfront. While Morgan is distracted by conversation with Kiki’s mother Ava, Kiki finds herself the focus of attention by a wall street style bro, who speaks rudely to her and grabs her arm. A scuffle between Morgan and the blazer-bro ensues, but Morgan keeps his cool at a key moment and deescalates the situation. The cops show up shortly after, who’d been called by Morgan as soon as he saw Kiki being harassed. Morgan is getting control of his life, and his medication is working.

Unfortunately, Ava Jerome, hell bent on breaking up Kiki and Morgan, uses a visit to her daughter Avery at the Corinthos home as the means to slip into Morgan’s bedroom and replace his Lithium with mystery pills.

Ava continues her meddling, visiting the Cassadine mansion on Spoon Island. There, she runs into Elizabeth Webber, just as a mysterious package arrives from Greece. Ava encourages Elizabeth to open the box, which turns out to contain belongings of Nikolas Cassadine’s that were retrieved from the Mediterranean Sea. As they go through his things, Ava asks for Nikolas’s boot as a memento. Liz is wary, and inspects the boot, finding a velvet pouch with Hayden Barnes’s stash of secret diamonds; diamonds she’d lifted from a necklace of her mother’s and squirreled away when the family was investigated by the IRS for fraud, diamonds which were then in turn stolen by Nikolas when he faked his death to escape Hayden’s blackmail, his subterfuge only to be discovered in Greece where he plummeted to another supposed watery death.

Elizabeth takes the diamonds, and tells Ava she intends to hand them over to the authorities. She waffles a bit, and shows up at Franco’s apartment for guidance. Franco talks over the dilemma with her and gives her advice, but explains that she can’t continue to turn to him if she doesn’t trust him. Elizabeth tells Franco that she DOES trust him, they kiss, and they agree to again try dating.

Dante and Lulu are still moving into their new house, preparing a home for a new child they are looking forward to, while Lulu starts a regimen of fertility drugs. Unfortunately, they get the news that their single remaining embryo is non-viable. Lulu cries quite a bit.

Kristina Corinthos-Davis is not on good terms with her mother, Alexis, ever since she found out that Alexis talked her ex-professor Parker Forsyth into leaving town instead of continuing a relationship together. Kristina’s half-sister Molly sneakily invites both sister and mother to meet her for dinner so they can make up. Initially, things go well, until Alexis hands Kristina her misplaced phone, and Kristina swoons over the fact that she’d gotten a call from Parker. Emotions once again flare, and when Kristina tries to storm out of the restuarant, Alexis grabs her arm and tries to stop her. The incident is photographed and posted on a gossip site, which goes viral.

This does not bode well for the pending trial against Alexis’s husband, Julian Jerome, for trying to kill his wife, and killing his old henchman Carlos Rivera. Police Commissioner Jordan Ashford is concerned about the publicity – that it might weaken her case against Julian, and accuses Alexis of purposely causing an incident to assist Julian’s case. Alexis tells her to go to hell.

Sonny Corinthos, Kristina’s father and mobster-with-a-heart-of-gold, also talks with Alexis out of concern of the tabloid scandal. Alexis explains the situation to Sonny, and also mentions that Julian claimed that he was still in love with her, and believes Alexis is still in love with him in return. In response to this, Sonny visits the jail and tells Julian to take a plea deal and spare Alexis the embarrassment of the trial. If Julian refuses, Sonny vows to withhold his “protection” while Julian is in prison.

Ava Jerome wants to help her brother Julian, and tries to use what influence she has on District Attorney Paul Hornsby to give Julian a decent plea deal. Paul instead holds blackmail material over Ava’s head and tells her that she will testify AGAINST Julian and get him convicted, unless she wants to go to prison for her past crime of shooting Connie Falconeri.

Seeking libation after this exchange, Ava goes to the MetroCourt bar, where for the first time, she meets Hayden Barnes, and gloats about Elizabeth Webber having evidence to put Hayden away. Hayden immediately understands that Elizabeth Webber has the diamonds.

Hayden Barnes’s mother, Naomi Dreyfus, is summoned to the prison of the criminally insane by inmate Heather Webber. Evidently, Naomi has been delinquent with some blackmail payments, and Heather wants her money. As their conversation is ending, Franco arrives, hoping to hit up his mother, Heather, for some more of her mystery money to bring Elizabeth Webber (no relation) on a date. After Naomi leaves, Heather admits to Franco that the information she has on Naomi is about her past with Heather’s ex husband Doctor Jeff Webber, and “her little brat.”

Hayden has been trying to figure out if she should leave town, and visits her new friend Doctor Hamilton Finn at General Hospital. He is brusque with her, and gives Hayden a telling off, not wanting to be her excuse to stay in Port Charles. Finn is plagued by his own problems, not the least of which is curing his mysterious, rare, and fatal disease. Unfortunately, fellow doctor and ex-mad scientist, Leisl Obrecht, is suspicious of Finn, thinks he may be a serial killer, and steals some of his research. In response, Finn threatens her life.

Doctor Kevin Collins goes on a date with Laura Spencer, they spend the night together, but then Laura discovers he’d been writing a novelization based on her life. She wants nothing to do with him. She prepares to take her grandson, Nikolas’s son Spencer, to get settled in a boarding school in Europe, where he will hopefully be safe from the nefarious ways of Valentin Cassadine.

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