EPISODE 22: I’ve Got Quiet Shoes

September 12, 2016

Dillon Quartermaine still pines for Kiki Jerome, but cares too much about her happiness to try and come between her and her boyfriend Morgan Corinthos. Morgan, meanwhile, is starting to return to his Bipolar ways due to Kiki’s mother Ava switching his Lithium with mystery pills.

After fucking up at his job, Morgan has a run in with Nelle, and decides to enroll in college full time. Nelle, a young woman whose parents sold one of her kidneys when she was a small child, a kidney which was used to save the life of Carly Cornithos’s daughter Josslyn, is being offered a job by Carly as her personal assistant. Nelle accepts the job.

Robert Scorpio, still with connections to the spy organization WSB, has brought an itinerary of the recovered contents from the exploded evil medical facility Creighton Clark for Dante and Lulu Falconeri. Lulu is still obsessed with the notion of recovering an embryo that was created when she was kidnapped and intended to breed with a cryogenically thawed Cassadine. In the records that Robert has brought, a freezer is listed, which was found in the wreckage of the medical facility, empty, with a key in the lock. Lulu is convinced that Helena salvaged the embryo at the last minute before the building detonated, and wants to go to Cassadine Island to find out more.

Jason and Samantha Morgan successfully get married, without disaster, and with the surprise visit of Damien Spinelli. Shortly after the wedding, however, Jason gets a call from Franco informing him that his ex Elizabeth Webber is in ciritical condition in the hospital after being pushed down the stairs during a blackout. Jason arrives at the hospital and is told that Elizabeth’s spleen has ruptured and is in bad shape. Elizabeth has an extremely rare blood type, and they are running out. She has no relatives in Port Charles that share her RH blood type, but Franco suspects that Elizabeth’s secret sister might.

After leaving Elizabeth’s hospital room, Sabrina overhears Ava Jerome and District Attourney Paul Hornsby talking about the upcoming trial of Ava’s brother Julian. Sabrina witnesses Ava pressuring Paul to throw the case out immediately, while Paul tries to fend her off with assurances that it will take some time.

Hayden Barnes, as unaware as Elizabeth that they are half sisters, is still in jail, accused of being the person who pushed Elizabeth to her doom. She is visited by Curtis Ashford, who promises her he and Hamilton Finn will find evidence to set her free – something that quite bothers Curtis’s girlfriend and police officer Valerie Spencer.

Undeterred, Curtis and Hamilton intercept Elizabeth Webber’s belongings in an evidence bag at the hospital, and discover a photograph on her phone that was taken just as she was pushed down the stairs; a photograph showing man’s shoes and slacks. They bring the phone to the police station and image is found to be legit. Much to Paul Hornsby’s horror.

Meanwhile, Franco has talked Hayden into donating her blood to Elizabeth. Hayden is allowed to travel to the hospital with police guard, still under suspicion of attempted murder. Once she finds out the charges are going to be dropped, the tells Franco that in exchange for her blood, she will demand something in return.

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