Episode 23: To Sleep Perchance to Dream

September 19, 2016

Elizabeth Webber is in rough shape. Unbeknownst to Elizabeth, she’d seen Paul Hornsby, the nefarious Hospital Killer, at an incriminating location, and he’d sought to silence her by taking her life with a push down the hospital stairwell. Elizabeth survived the fall, but has been undergoing emergency surgery due to her spleen bursting. A further complication is her rare blood type, RH, which is a type that cannot receive infusions from any blood type but RH.

Franco had only just gotten his mother, Heather Webber, to reveal to him that Hayden Barnes and Elizabeth are half sisters. With this information, he’d searched Hayden’s medical records to find that she has the same rare blood type as Elizabeth, and begs her to donate blood to save Elizabeth’s life. Hayden agrees to do so, but only if Franco returns to her the diamonds she’d concealed from the Federal government when her family’s fortune had been seized, diamonds which had since ended up in Elizabeth’s possession. Franco agrees, the blood is donated, and Elizabeth survives her ordeal.

Sabrina Santiago had just been reinstated as a nurse at General hospital, even though her boyfriend Michael Corinthos-Quartermaine, expresses fear for her safety due to the hospital killer still being on the loose. Sabrina finds Franco at Elizabeth’s side after he’d spent the night at her hospital bed, and ushers him to go eat and rest, telling him she’d call him when Elizabeth awoke. When Elizabeth does wake, still erroneously thinking that Hayden was her attacker and horrified to hear that Hayden had been set free, she asks Sabrina to retrieve Hayden’s diamonds from where she’d stashed them and bring them to the police.

While Sabrina is handing over the diamonds to Detective Nathan West, Hayden visits Elizabeth at the hospital, with Elizabeth having no idea her life had been saved by Hayden’s blood, nor of the arrangement between she and Franco. Hayden is livid to find that the diamonds have been handed over to law enforcement. Franco arrives in the midst of the two women fighting, and he reveals to them that they are, in fact, half sisters. Before she can leave the hospital, Hayden is discovered by the Feds and taken into custody.

Just as Sabrina returns to the hospital, Paul Hornsby attacks Chief of Staff Monica Quartermaine in her office by injecting her with Derisifol. Sabrina sees Paul leaving the office just before she enters, finds Monica unresponsive on the floor, performs CPR, and tells Paul to alert the staff. After an unconscious Monica is treated and wheeled away on a stretcher, Sabrina runs into Paul. She confronts him about why he hadn’t sent anyone to assist her, then notices the latex gloves poking out of his pocket, and just as she realizes that Paul is the hospital killer, he grabs her and drags her into an empty examination room, strangling her to death.

Michael Corinthos-Quartermaine shows up to General Hospital with ring in hand, ready to propose to Sabrina. Sabrina’s best friend nurse Felix Dubois finds her body, and he and Michael are both distraught over her death. Monica regains consciousness, and as Chief of Staff, makes the decision to shut down General Hospital until the killer is caught.

Meanwhile, the trial against Julian Jerome is finally underway. Julian’s half-sister Ava continues to use her knowledge about the hospital killings to put blackmail pressure on District Attorney Paul Hornesby to get Julian aquitted of his crimes. Sonny convinces Julian to plead guilty to save Alexis the hell of testifying, but Julian’s defense lawyer Scottie Baldwin refrains from doing so, and instead uses the typo to get the confession thrown out of admissible evidence. Alexis Davis, wife and attempted murder victim of Julian, is not handling the stress well. After being given a drink by Paul shortly before her testimony, she appears visibly inebriated, with muddled responses.

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