Episode 24: You Can’t Always Get What You Want

September 26, 2016

This week was rather maudlin. At the end of his trial, Julian Jerome manages to avoid being found guilty of any of the counts against him, most notably the accusation of attempted murder of his wife, Alexis Davis. This legal win had been orchestrated by Julian’s sister Ava Jerome, through her blackmailing of District Attorney Paul Hornsby, who was prosecuting the case. Ava’s blackmail material? Knowledge and evidence of Paul’s identity as the hospital serial killer!

Because he’d accidentally revealed himself as the hospital killer to nurse Sabrina Santiago, Paul had strangled her out of desperation to not be identified. Sabrina’s boyfriend, Michael Corinthos Quartermaine, is inconsolable at her death, and finds comfort in looking after her infant son, Teddy. When Teddy’s uncle, Joseph Rivera arrives at the Quartermaine mansion to take custody of the child, Michael’s half brother, Morgan Corinthos, takes offense at this and punches Joe in the face. Michael calms the situation and willingly hands baby Teddy over to Joe Rivera to avoid the child living a life of custody battles. Joseph Rivera takes the baby back to Puerto Rico.

Morgan and his girlfriend Kiki Jerome later run into Ava Jerome and the acquitted Julian at a local eatery. Ava instigates, Julian taunts, and Morgan over-reacts with violence, until a waitress threatens to call the police and Kiki drags Morgan away. Nobody but Ava is aware that his increasing agitation and manic behavior is due to her switching his lithium with something else.

Detective Nathan West, meanwhile, is dealing with his ex-wife, Claudette. Claudette, after much subterfuge, reveals that she came to town seeking out Nathan because she’s been threatened by a powerful man and has been in hiding for her life and that of the daughter she’s kept in a secret place, a daughter she claims is Nathan’s. Maxie, Nathan’s fiance, does not believe it, and requests a DNA test as proof. Claudette produces a lock of her daughter’s hair from a locket around her neck, as something to test.

When Naomi Dreyfus visits her daughter Hayden Barnes in jail, Hayden confronts her about having kept secret Hayden’s biological father being Jeff Webber, and not Raymond Berlin. Hayden accuses her mother of keeping secret for her own material gain. Soon after, Naomi confesses to the Feds and takes full responsibility for the contraband diamonds Hayden had been jailed for, resulting in Hayden being set free. She immediately goes to visit her good friend Hamilton Finn, who has wrecked his hotel room out of grief and anger. He goes on to explain to Hayden that it is the wedding anniversary of his wedding to his late wife.

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