Episode 25: Going, Going, Gone

October 03, 2016

Julian Jerome, now exonerated from his many crimes, tries to reclaim his life, and mostly fails. He visits the Crimson Magazine office and demands to be returned control of the magazine from Editor-in-Chief Nina Reeves, who flatly refuses. He visits the home of his wife, Alexis Davis, whom he’d tried to kill, where he is threatened by Alexis with an empty bottle of wine and a forthcoming restraining order against him.

Samantha Morgan, concerned that her mother, Alexis, is being both mad and driven to drink by Julian’s remaining in town, visits her father at the Jerome penthouse. She implores with him to leave town, for the sake of her mother, and everyone in town who is emotionally pained by his presence. Sam knows that if Julian were to stay in Port Charles, he’d eventually be killed, most likely by Sonny Corinthos, the gangster with a heart of gold.

Sonny Corinthos, meanwhile, has decided to both take care of the Julian situation AND keep himself out of it by hiring one of him men to hire a third party to kill Julian, one that he and his organization will have no ties to.

Sonny’s son Morgan Corinthos continues to spiral downwards from his bipolar medicine being swapped with mystery pills by Ava Jerome, who is his ex-lover, his father’s baby momma, and the mother of his girlfriend. Ava’s motivations for this nefarious behavior is Morgan dating her daughter Kiki, as Ava feels Kiki could do better. Morgan has been feeling the effects, spontaneously enrolling in college, then immediately finding difficulty concentrating enough to complete his first paper. He recalls the unfortunate advice of Darby and buys a paper online before finding out that the professor uses a program that scans papers for plagerism. Morgan panics, calls cyber-genius Spinelli to remove his paper before it can be seen by his professor, but is told it is too late. Shortly after, Morgan receives a call from his professor to see him in the morning.

In desperation to get help from ex-husband Detective Nathan Reeves, Claudette Boland claimed to have a daughter in hiding. In response, Nathan’s fiance, Maxie Jones, demands a DNA test. Claudette provides a lock of hair, suspiciously darker than that in the photograph of the supposed daughter Charlotte, for DNA testing. The results deem Nathan the father, and Maxie is crushed. Alone with Claudette, Nathan demands to be taken to his daughter, but Claudette refuses. When pushed, she confesses that she is in hiding from Valentin Cassadine.

Laura Spencer, seated on a plane on her way back to Port Charles from getting young Spencer Cassadine settled in his boarding school, is surprised to find Kevin Collins seated beside her. Kevin had taken a flight all the way to europe so he could talk to her on her flight home. He apologizes for writing a novelization based on her, and provides her with the only copy, one that will not be published. She is touched.

Last but not least, the drama of the hospital killer has finally begun to unravel. Ana Devane, blows back into town and right into the center of it all. Wanting to speak with D.A. Paul Hornesby about what went wrong in the Jerome trial, she is let into Paul’s hotel room and while looking for paper to leave a note, she finds the cufflinks that were earlier tied to the killer, rattling in the back of his nightstand drawer. Concentrating on Paul as the culprit, Ana and Police Commissioner Jordan Ashford join forces and get to work. They determine that the victims of Hornsby were all related to Susan in some way. Ana locates Susan’s half brother Dillon, the son of Paul Hornsby and Tracy Quartermaine, in the hopes that he knows where Paul or Susan are.

Paul Hornsby confesses to his ex-wife, Tracy Quartermaine, that he’d killed Sabrina Santiago, but Tracy doesn’t think he means it literally, and instead seeks to calm his stress by locating his daughter Susan and facilitating some contact between them. Tracy figures out that Susan is located in a convalescent home upstate, and arrives just as Paul, who happens to be visiting, is pleading with his non-verbal and mostly unresponsive daughter to break from her shell, telling her that it was safe for her now that he’d killed everyone who had failed and wronged her. Horrified at what she’d heard, Tracy tries to leave, but Paul intervenes, and talks her into joining him for dinner. Instead, Paul traps Tracy in his nearby cabin, enjoying having her to confess to, and having moral difficulty killing her, but feeling obligated to. When Tracy’s phone rings, she sees that Ana Devane is calling, and screams HELP before the mobile is snatched by Paul and stomped on. A passerby hears screaming and investigates, but Tracy is bound to a chair and gagged to conceal her presence. Finally Paul decides to inject her with Derisiphol while she is bound, but as he approaches, Ana kicks open the front door and stands with gun ready and pointing at Paul as he holds a hypodermic to Tracy’s neck. It’s a stand off….. then Dillon appears!

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