EPISODE 26: Blowed up!

October 14, 2016

District Attorney Paul Hornsby is now in police custody, having been caught in the act of trying to kill ex-wife Tracy Quartermaine, and identified as the Hospital Killer. Ava Jerome had been blackmailed by the District Attorney, but she figured out Paul’s murderous hobby, and had kept the information from the authorities and opted instead to black-mail Paul into throwing the court case against her brother, the mobster Julian Jerome. Paul now being caught put Ava in danger of the blackmail material he had on her, an audio recording that would send her to prison for the murder of Connie Falconeri, being used in a plea deal. Paul decides instead to claim full guilt and avoid a trial entirely, but he still refuses to give Ava the recording.

Julian being found not-guilty to his many murderous charges is having a negative effect on many people in town. Sonny Corinthos decides, against the warnings of his wife Carly, to have Julian killed, but does so by hiring a third party so that Sonny will be able to have full deniability. Sonny visits a chapel to have words with god, but ends up having words with once-priest now doctor Griffin Munro about faith and sin. By the end of their conversation, Sonny calls one of his henchmen to call off the contracted hit on Julian.

Sonny and Carly Corinthos find out that their son Morgan has been expelled from college for plagerism, just weeks after starting school. Morgan has also been gambling and drinking and many other behaviors associated with Bipolar Disorder. Little does Morgan know that Ava Jerome, the mother of his girlfriend Kiki, has replaced his Lithium pills with placebos, to drive Kiki away from Morgan. Morgan sees what he thinks is Kiki and Dillon having sex in the Quartermain beach house, but was in actuality Ned Quartermaine and Olivia Falconeri having a secret affair.

Kiki and Dillon, meanwhile, are hanging out at the offices of Crimson. Kiki is trying to be a good friend to Dillon in the wake of him finding out such harsh realities about his father. They kiss, then talk about their feelings for each other. Kiki tells Dillon that he is the one for her, but that she needs to be honest with Morgan before she can go any further, and leaves in tears.

Morgan is drinking at the bar, upset at what he thinks he saw, but it cut off by the bartender. Drunk and angry at the bartender for taking his keys, Morgan steals a car sitting outside the Floating Rib, punching TJ out to do so. Jason Morgan, checking up on Morgan, finds out that Morgan stole Julian’s car, and tails him in his own SUV. Jason calls Morgan on the phone, tells him to pull over and talk. Morgan finally gives in, pulls over, parks the car, but as he exists the car, it EXPLODES!!!

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