EPISODE 28: Sonic Screwdrivers and Computer Books

October 24, 2016

The town of Port Charles continues to reel from the death of Morgan Corinthos, killed by a car bomb that was meant for Julian Jerome, having stolen his car during a Manic episode. Morgan’s mother, Carly, blames Sonny for Morgan’s death, and has moved back to her old house with her daughter Josslyn. Sonny is lonely, distraught, and drinking heavily. Carly’s new personal assistant Nelle has opted to stay at Sonny’s to look after his infant daughter Avery during such trying times.

Julian Jerome stops by Sonny’s house with a stolen condolence gift basket, asking to end the feud between their families, but Sonny refuses, listing all the ways that Julian has been a scumbag. Nelle overhears the entire conversation.

After a chance conversation with Leisl Obrecht about Morgan, learning that there would likely be an investigation into his medication regimen, Ava Jerome also visits Sonny. She does so under the guise of wanting to visit her daughter Avery, but while alone upstairs, she slips into Morgan’s bedroom, grabbing the bottle of Lithium pills she’d previously switched with placebos with the intent to drive Morgan deeper into Manic Depression. She is nearly caught, but escapes unscathed. She throws the bottle in a garbage can on the street, where shortly after an unknown gloved figure fishing the bottle out after her.

The following day, Sonny goes to Carly’s house to beg her to come home to him. While there, Sonny’s police detective son Dante Falconeri arrives and tells them that there’s been some evidence found at the crash site… WHAT WILL IT BE?!

The future of General Hospital continues to be uncertain. Lucy Coe, who is brokering the sale of General Hospital, urges Tracy Quartermaine to buy it herself. Elizabeth Webber, a registered nurse, is facing financial hardship with the hospital being closed down, and may have to move in order to find work. Franco, who is beginning a relationship with Elizabeth, is horrified at this possibility. When he finds out that there are two attempted murders at the hospital that are still unsolved, he visits his mother Heather Webber at her high security facility for the criminally insane. Heather admits to the crime, having done so because she believed Franco had been the Hospital Killer and thought she’d help by escaping her prison and killing some hospital staff members while Franco had the alibi of being at the Nurses Ball. She refuses to publicly confess, but Franco secretly records their conversation on his phone.

Hayden Barnes surprises her friend Hamilton Finn by going on a date with a rich and obnoxious fellow named Evan. Finn tries to deny his jealousy, but when Hayden and her date head up to a hotel room together, Finn eventually goes after her, only to find Evan drunk to the point of unconsiousness. When Hayden had found out Evan’s family gave out grants to medical research, she’d accepted his offer of an exchange: sex for a check of grant money. Hayden proceeded to get him so wasted he’d passed out, and is setting the stage so that he believes they’d slept together. She gleefully hands Finn the check, and asks him to help her drag Evan to the bed.

Meanwhile, newcomer Claudette Bolan has convinced her ex-husband detective Nathan West that he is the father of her child, Charlotte, but his girlfriend Maxie Jones is suspicious, and had sent her own sample of Charlotte’s DNA for testing. When the results arrive in the mail while babysitting Charlotte, Maxie’s suspicions were proven correct. Nathan is crushed and angry, and leaves Maxie with Charlotte, while he goes to warn Claudette’s other past romantic interest Doctor Griffin Munro. Nathan finds Griffin and Claudette together; Claudette trying to talk Griffin into finally leaving the priesthood and running away with her, leaving the child with Nathan. Nathan confronts Claudette with the truth, and she claims that Griffin is the true father of Charlotte.

Maxie, meanwhile, unaware of Claudette’s location, calls Nathan’s mother Liesl to watch Charlotte while she confronts Claudette. Maxi breaks into her hotel room, only to find a large man ransacking the place. Maxie is kidnapped, thought to be Claudette, and interrogated as to the location of Charlotte. Maxie refuses to cooperate, and is eventually left to die, duct taped to a chair in a basement, with the gas line left running, as she screams for help.

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