Episode 29: A Locket on my Docket

October 31, 2016

The death of Morgan Corinthos continues to haunt Port Charles. Sonny Corinthos tries to get his wife Carly to move back in with him, but she refuses, as she still blames him for Morgan’s death. He continues to spiral downwards, flirting with suicide before Robin Scorpio shows up and talks him down.

Carly’s new assistant Nelle has been helping out with both Sonny and Carly during this trying time, but Carly’s mother Bobbie Spencer doesn’t trust her.

Hayden Barnes wakes up with a hangover from her drunken scheming from the night before, and finds herself in the hotel room and arms of Doctor Hamilton Finn. The eventually and finally kiss, but Tracy Quartermaine arrives, and interrupts them. Finn has asked Tracy to find a job for Hayden, for which Tracy accuses Hayden of using her relationship with Finn to pressure him to get her a job, Hayden in turn accuses Hayden of asking Tracy to give her a job as an attempt to get rid of her. Both women leave angry.

Claudette Bolen, desperate to escape Port Charles, knocks Griffin Munro out with a blow to the back of his head, and heads to the airport, leaving her daughter behind for Griffin to look after. As she boards the plane, none other than the man she is trying to run from, Valentin himself, sits beside her telling her: I think you stole something of mine.

Maxie Jones, who’d been kidnapped due to a henchman assuming she was Claudette, manages to rip through her duct tape bonds, find an old burner phone still charged in the basement she is trapped in with gas leaking, and call her fiance Detective Nathan West and manages to give him a vague description of where she is. Nathan figures it out and saves Maxie just in time!

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