Episode 30: The Smarming

November 07, 2016

General Hospital is once again open! Franco is disappointed that he received no gratitude for getting his mother, Heather Webber, to confess the to unsolved murders that were keeping the Hospital from reopening. Hayden Barnes is now working at the hospital as a financial advisor, putting her in regular contact with Doctor Hamilton Finn, with whom she is unwilling to be “buddies” due to her romantic interest which she feels is one sided.

Ex-cop and current private investigator, Curtis Ashford, had illegally taken photographs of police files while his cop girlfriend wasn’t around. That girlfriend, Valerie Spencer, finds the photographs on his phone, and tells the police Commissioner, who happens to be Curtis’s ex-sister-law and ex-partner Jordan Ashford, who in turn, gives him a piece of her mind, but refrains from taking legal action.

Valentin, the long lost bastard son of Mikkos Cassadine, has come to town. He’d last been seen on Cassadine Island, and was assumed confined in prison, but he makes a grand entrance on Halloween at the Wyndemere mansion, informing Laura Spencer that he owns all assets that had previously belonged to the assumed dead Nikolas Cassadine. He then visits Crimson editor Nina Reeves, with whom he had a one night stand while concealing his true identity, and tries to woo her once again, but Nina is not interested. Valentin then visits Alexis, and offers her a job as legal consultant to finalize the legal transfer of Nikolas’s assets to his own coffers. Alexis eventually agrees to work for him, but only after Valentin offers to leave town and never return if she is able to find legitimate legal evidence to challenge his claim on what remains of the Cassadine wealth.

Interpol has tracked down the elusive Daphne, the woman who had claimed to be living on Cassadine Island when Lulu, Dante, and others were escaping the pursuit of Valentin Cassadine months ago. Lulu is convinced that one of her Cassadine-fathered embryos might still exist, but Daphne’s explanation dashes those hopes when she says that Helena had planned to create a new Cassadine with Lulu and her son Stavros, but found the embryo non-viable.

Doctor Griffin Munro, finding it difficult to adjust after being told he’s the father of Claudette’s daughter Charlotte, especially a fatherhood that involves the unexplained pursuit of Valentin Cassadine, employs the help of Ana Devane, who has just reinstated herself as a member of the international spy organization, the WSB. Ana visits Valentin, sure she’s met him before, and the two have a heated conversation. Later, when Ana and Griffin decide to go out for lunch, Valentin appears in a table nearby. When challenged by Griffin to stay away from his daughter, Valentin replies that HE is Charlotte’s father!

Sonny Corinthos has been mourning the death of his son Morgan, and drinking heavily. He blames himself for the car bomb that took Morgan in a mob hit gone wrong, and sees visions of his son, a ghastly dead young man, instructing him to make things right. Sonny begins to put his affairs in order, calling his lawyer, and donating a massive portion of his riches to start a charity in Morgan’s name.

Sonny’s estranged wife Carly is not doing well either. She is presented with Morgan’s journal, and reading through it she finds that he was taking his bipolar medication faithfully, but still there was a sudden shift in his mental state. She concludes that something must have gone wrong with his medication.

Jason and Sam Morgan continue to talk about leaving Port Charles for the safety of their family, now that they have one young son and a second child on the way. Before they make the move, however, they want to find out exactly what happened to Morgan and if the car bomb was from Sonny’s redacted hit on Julian Jerome, or came from a different source. Jason and Sam approach the fellow on guard who suspiciously left Julian’s car alone and unlocked just long enough for the car to be rigged for explosives, and then have unfortunate and manic Morgan Corinthos to unexpectedly steal the car. Just as the henchman is about to tell them what he knows, a shot rings out and the henchman falls to the floor!

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