54 Mins

Episode 31: Doctor, Who?

November 14, 2016

Now that General Hospital is open again, Hamilton Finn is back to work in his lab, trying to find a cure for the lethal mystery disease he is personally infected with. With hands that shake as part of his illness, Finn drops a beaker to the floor. While he is out looking for a mop, Hayden Barnes visits Finn’s lab and walks through the puddle of dangerous disease goo and broken glass, then tries to pry a shard from her shoes using a hand that just received a papercut a few minutes prior. Finn is horrified when he returns, and demands to keep her in the hospital for tests, but Hayden is defiant, and leaves. When Finn arrives at her home the next day, he finds that her illness has progressed far more rapidly than his own, and rushes her to the hospital. Once there, he is warned that his lab spill has caused him to be banned from practicing on the premises, so he sneaks Hayden out of the hospital on a gurney, and takes her to the Quartermaine mansion, where Tracy Quartermaine has suggested he continue treating Hayden and work on finding a cure.

Nurse Elizabeth Webber has been dating psycho-artist turned art therapist Franco Baldwin, and has planned a quiet romantic evening of portrait drawing, but as soon as they head to the bedroom for the first time, Elizabeth gets a phone call informing her that the man who raped her when she was a teenager, the unfortunately named Tom Baker, will be before a parole board that next day. Elizabath spends her evening writing a victim’s statement for the board, in the hopes it will sway them to keep him in prison, but Tom is still released. Franco wants to make sure that Elizabeth feels he can keep her safe, and prove himself to be a better man than he was before his brain tumor was removed. So, he tracks down the address of where Tom will be staying, to enact a thus far undetermined plan of revenge.

Dante and Lulu Falconeri, having been briefly divorced last year, have decided to remarry, finally happy and content with their family unit.

Nina Reeves, meanwhile, still heartbroken over her own childless state, runs into her one-night-stand-guy Valentine Cassadine. She feigns disinterest, but upon finding that Charlotte, the little girl she’d thought was her niece, is actually the daughter of Valentin, her interest is piqued.

Charlotte’s mother, Claudette, had disappeared after leaving Charlotte behind with a fake baby-daddy claim, desperate to keep the child from Valentin. Charlotte’s ex-husband, Detective Nathan West, receives a letter from Claudette’s mother, stating that Claudette is, in fact missing. Nathan and his fiance Maxi Jones are concerned.

Still, the city of Port Charles continues to reel from the death of Morgan Corinthos, who stole a car during a manic episode and was killed by a car-bomb meant for gangster Julian Jerome. Julian’s sister Ava (an ex-lover of young Morgan) had contributed to Morgan’s decline by stealing his Lithium pills and replacing them with placebos, in an attempt to drive Morgan unstable to break up the relationship between Morgan and his girlfriend Kiki, who happens to be Ava’s daughter. Ava feared being caught for her role in Morgan’s downfall, so she brazenly stole his Lithium pill bottle from his bedroom, and threw it into a garbage can in an alleyway. Ava has been contacted by someone who saw her dispose of the bottle and intends to blackmail her. Ava is surprised to find that Lucy Coe, make-up mogul turned real estate agent, had seen Ava dump the drugs, and has decided to keep it quiet and instead keep it secret, as blackmail for the future.

Alexis Davis continues to spiral into alcoholism in response to the trauma of her husband, Julian Jerome, having attempted to kill her, and from losing her legal license due to moral lapses during her marriage to the mobster. Babysitting her grandson Danny, Alexis passes out on the couch while baking cookies, and the house is filled with smoke with smoke alarms blaring before she wakes.

When Alexis’s daughter Samantha Morgan comes to pick up her son the next day, she questions Alexis, and doubts if Alexis has been sober in solidarity with her pregnant daughter, as she’s been claiming. Alexis evades all blame.

Jason Morgan, meanwhile, finally gets a meeting with the man who hired the contract killer on Sonny Corinthos’s behalf in a double blind hit on Julian Jerome. Jason demands to know why Julian’s car blew up after Sonny had called off the hit, and the criminal contact claims the hit was by a third and unknown party.

The memorial for Morgan Corinthos finally arrives. Jasper Jacks, an ex-husband of Carly and once-step-father to Morgan returns to town, and escorts Carly to the service. A dozen people arrive and give their respects. Shortly after the Davis women (Alexis, Sam, Kristina, and Molly) leave early, Morgan’s father Sonny finally rises to the front of the chapel, blames himself for Morgan’s death, and brandishes a gun, intending to kill himself to “make things right.”

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