Episode 32: The Silky Man!

November 21, 2016

Valentin Cassadine, the mysterious long lost bastard son of the nefarious villain Mikkos Cassadine, has recently moved to Port Charles, taking over whatever riches that had once belonged to his nephew, the again presumed dead Nikolas Cassadine. When not nearly charming the pants off of fashion editor, Nina Reeves (again), Valentin is the midst of a custody battle to win sole guardianship of his daughter Charlotte. Charlotte’s mother Claudette Bolieu had left the child with her ex-lover, Griffin Munro, claiming he was the child’s father, before leaving town and disappearing without a trace. A DNA test soon after proved that Griffin, a priest, was not the father. With the assistance of Special Agent Ana Devane, Munro fights for custody, but ultimately loses. Valentin is granted custody of young Charlotte under the stipulation that he must stay remain in the area.

The relationship between Franco Baldwin, brain-tumor-refomed serial killer, and nurse Elizabeth Webber, continues to fumble along. Wanting to protect Elizabeth, Franco finds the address of the newly paroled rapist who’d attacked Liz as a teenager; the unfortuantely named Tom Baker. Franco breaks into Tom’s home, threatens him, physically attacks him, and throttles him good. Liz discovers where he went and admonishes Franco for lying to her, as well as for putting himself in danger of losing his job or his freedom. Franco, through his deep feelings of romance, protection, and revenge towards the horror that Liz went through being raped, is not putting that into perspective with the emotional anguish Franco himself had put Samantha Morgan through on her honeymoon when he’d drugged her and lead her to believe he’d raped her. Franco runs into Sam at the hospital and tries to apologize, but Sam will have nothing to do with it.

Elizabeth Webber meanwhile, puts her job in danger by stealing supplies from the hospital and bringing them to the Quartermain mansion where Doctor Hamilton Finn is treating Liz’ newly discovered half-sister and adversary Hayden Barnes, who has been infected with the same mysterious, uncurable disease that afflicts Finn through a freak lab accident. Elizabeth later goes to pick up donuts for her coworkers, and runs into Tom Baker, to her terror.

At the memorial service for Morgan Corinthos, the young man killed by a carbomb meant for the mobster Julian Jerome; Morgan’s father, the rival mobster Sonny Corinthos, dramatically claims personal responsibility and guilt for his son’s death. Police Commissioner Jordan Ashford, who was also attending the funeral, takes Sonny to the police station with the assistance of Sonny’s eldest son, Detective Dante Falconeri.

Jason Morgan, who is no longer a hired gun, but still a friend to Sonny; has been investigating young Morgan’s death, and the definitive origin of the car bomb of which Sonny has assumed responsibility. Jason had tracked down the “contractor” Sonny had initially employed, who in turn hired the professional assasin to take out Julian Jerome. After some physical persuation, the middleman gives Jason the information he is after: Sonny DID successfully call off the hit on Julian, and the hired hitman took no action. Knowing all this, having failed to stop Sonny from confessing at his son’s memorial, Jason calls Sonny’s lawyer, bribes a guard, slips into the interrogation room, and tells him the news, with little information about the true assassin, other than a name “Oscar Jessup.” Meanwhile, Diane Miller, Sonny’s fabulous lawyer, slinks into the Police Station, ordering to see her client. After a private conversation together, Diane and Sonny tell the astonished Commissioner that he will be pleading “not guilty.” Dante is disappointed and angry at his father’s apparent lack of resolve. Jason later meets up with his Private Investigator wife Sam, and asks if she was able to dig up any information on “Oscar Jessup.” Sam replies that he’s “been dead since 1990.”

Curtis Ashford, ex-partner and ex-brother-in-law to the Police Commissioner, is also trying to get down to the bottom of the car bomb that took Morgan’s life. Julian Jerome, like Sonny, has been assuming that the bomb was planted on Sonny’s orders, and so hired Curtis as a Private Investigator to find incriminating evidence against Corinthos. Curtis had also found the name “Oscar Jessup” and asks Julian if he has any knowledge of the man. Julian denies ever hearing of him, and proceeds to fire Curtis, explaining that he’s not found the damning evidence against Sonny that Julian is looking for. Shortly after, Julian receives a call from a shadowy figure, to whom Julian assures that Curtis has been fired as requested, and Jerome then asks what new instructions will be given, in addition to those that Julian has been dutifully carrying out of the past few months! Julian has a secret master! Is it Julian Jessup?

Jasper Jacks has been back town for the funeral of Morgan, trying to emotionally look after Morgan’s mother, his ex-wife Carly; as well as their young daughter Josslyn. After the memorial, Jasper goes out with another ex-wife, and good friend, Alexis Davis, to a bar outside of Port Charles so they can catch up and talk in private. During their talk, Jasper confesses that it was he who used his vast riches to secretly secure a kidney off the black market when his then infant daughter was in need of a transplant, and implies he may have sinned further. Fostering a new alcoholic lifestyle, when Jax leaves she stays behind to really get her drink on. She wakes the next morning, half clothed, in a motel room across the street from the bar, with vague memories of flirting back and forth with an unknown-to-her Tom Baker, who fled once he realized she knew Franco Baldwin. Jax happens to find Alexis that morning in her motel room, and fearing she needs an intervention, moves to call Alexis’ daughter to alter them. Alexis, in turn, threatens to tell Carly and Josslyn about Jax’s role in the black market kidney. It’s a stalemate.

Nelle Hayes, the young woman who came forward as the donor of Josslyn’s black market kidney, and then accepted Carly’s offer of a well paying job as her personal assistant, has continued to increase her presence in the lives of Carly and those around her (though she makes it clear that she’s not romatnically interested in Carly’s son Michael). Carly’s mother Bobbie Spencer finds Nelle too-goo-to-be-true, and wrongly accuses Nelle of theft before apologizing for her mistake. However, Bobbi is still suspicious, and Nelle clearly has something up her sleeve.

Ava Jerome, meanwhile, is nervous. Morgan had been bipolar, and was on medication to stabilize his condition. Ava had been swapping his lithium for placebos to drive him volatile enough to destroy the realtionship between he and Ava’s daughter Kiki. Instead, his resultant manic episode caused him to steal Julian’s car which then exploded. One of the swapped pill bottles had fallen into the hands of Lucy Coe, who does not know the content of the pills, and is under the impression that Ava was simply having another illicit affair with Morgan, and is more than willing to blackmail her for it. Ava begs her sleazy attorney Scottie Baldwin to woo his old friend and ex-wife Lucy, and steal the bottle from her when she was unaware. Lucy sees through Scottie’s rouse, disappointed in his attempt to scam her, but Scottie tries to talk her into helping him so that they could BOTH have Ava in their pocket.

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