Episode 34: Loosen Up!

December 04, 2016

This week of General Hospital starts off with the latter half of Thanksgiving.

Police Commissioner Jordan Ashford calls out her boyfriend, Doctor Andre Maddox, for answering her phone and telling her ex-partner and ex-brother-in-law Curtis Ashford not to call her any longer. Jordan had only just found out about it earlier that evening, when she’d chastised Curtis for not keeping her in the loop of new developments with regards to the murder of Morgan Corinthos, but Curtis told her that he’d attempted to, but was warned away by Andre. The fight between Jordan and Andre does not end well.

Alexis Davis, who had been hosting the Thanksgiving Jordan and Andre were attending, had bolted on her own event to get hammered at a bar outside of town, where she ran into her gangster ex-husband, Julian Jerome, who’d tried to kill her and drove her to drink in the first place. Julian had tried to stop Alexis from drunk driving, and in her inebriated attempts to get away, accidentally hit him with her car. Frantic, she anonymously calls 911, and then drives off, leaving him in the bar parking lot.

Alexis’s good friend and ex-husband Jasper Jacks receives a call that his mother is in poor health, and immediately prepares to head back to Australia. On his way out of town, he stops by to visit Alexis. She confesses to him that she’d just drunkenly run over Julian, and is relieved when Jax calls the hospital and finds out that Julian is alive and stable. For the second time, Jax attempts to call her daughters and tell them about Alexis’s secret alcoholism, but she promises to him that she’ll come clean to her kids the following morning. Alexis lied. She continues to drink in secret, getting calls and texts from Julian. He feigns no memory of the accident to the police, and even his sister Ava Jerome; but he makes it clear to Alexis that he is fully aware that it was she hit him, and he is trying to use that as blackmail to lure her to his hospital bedside.

Nelle Hayes had left the home of her employer, Carly Corinthos, Thanksgiving night to visit Carly’s estranged husband, Sonny Corinthos. Nelle “confesses” to him that she’d seen Carly and her ex-husband Jax kissing, and implies they were sleeping together. As she consoles Sonny, she doses his whiskey with a powdered drug, helps him to his bed, undresses him, then undresses herself and slides into bed with him. The following morning, she falsely leads him to believe they’d slept together. Sonny tells her that they mustn’t tell Carly, and Nelle secretly records their conversation, presumably for future blackmail.

Doctor Hamilton Finn, after double checking the results, tells Hayden Barnes that her blood has tested positive for being infected with the same fatal, unnamed, and incurable disease he has. Hayden goes to work, seemingly unfazed, but has a breakdown at General Hospital, and uncharacteristically allows herself to be consoled by her newfound half-sister nurse Elizabeth Webber.

Franco Baldwin has hacked into the GPS of Elizabeth’s newly paroled rapist, the unfortunately named Tom Baker, to make sure the man doesn’t go near her. When Franco sees that Tom is at General Hospital, he rushes over and tries to keep Elizabeth from him, but they run into each other. Franco attacks Tom, unfazed by his claims of legitimately working for a contractor on the hospital. Chief of Staff Monica Quartermaine forbids Tom from the premises, and suspends Franco for two days. Franco leaves feeling confused, and turns to his mother the insane Heather Webber, for advice.

Laura Spencer gives her daughter Lulu and son-in-law Dante Falconeri a honeymoon suite at the MetroCourt to celebrate their renewed vows. While Laura is watching over their sleeping son, Lulu’s long-time step-mother Tracy Quartermaine stops by with a bottle of wine for the re-newlyweds. Over a drink, Tracy convinces Laura to throw caution to the wind and surprise Doctor Kevin Collins by showing up at his front door in a fur coat, heels, and nothing else. Her surprise is a success.

Valentine Cassadine, now living in Wyndemere with his daughter Charlotte, continues to make waves in Port Charles. He is visited by Nina Reeves, clearly taken by his charm, a fact that unnerves her younger brother Nathan West. He is also visited by Ana Devane, who is perturbed by his utter lack of a past, and her recognizing his eyes from somewhere.

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