Episode 35: Adventures in Gynecology

December 12, 2016

Elizabeth Webber’s paroled rapist, the unfortunately named Tom Baker, continues to lurk around being a creep. Franco Baldwin, who is dating Elizabeth, is uncomfortable with his presence and seems to be plotting something.

Ex mob enforcer Jason Morgan and his private investigator wife Samantha are continuing to seek the truth of who planted the bomb in mobster Julian Jerome’s car which caused the untimely death of young Morgan Corinthos. They are assisted by Curtis Ashford, an ex-police officer, who had been working as a private investigator in the car bomb case for Julian, until he was recently fired. Refusing to let the case go cold, he has continued to investigate. They join forces, and together discover that Julian himself may have been behind the bomb, and manage to uncover possible bomb-making materials in a nearby dumpster, sending them out to be tested for genetic material and fingerprints.

Julian Jerome, who was recently hit by a car, is in the hospital, soon to be released. His ex-wife, Alexis Davis, wants nothing to do with him since he’d killed two men and tried to kill her. However, because of her out of control drinking habit, she was the person who accidentally hit him with a car, and Julian has decided to keep this information to himself so that he can blackmail her into looking after him and keeping him company while he recovers from his injuries at his sister’s penthouse. Ava Jerome, Julian’s sister, figures out what Julian is up to, but can’t manage to talk him out of it.

Sonny Corinthos, under house arrest while waiting to be tried for the murder of his son Morgan, is visited by his estranged wife Carly. She’s visited to get some Christmas presents she left under their bed, and just before she does, Sonny finds a necklace of Nelle’s, evidence of their supposed one night stand, and stuffs it away before Carly sees. Nelle comes by later that day, and Sonny gives her the necklace. He also offers her a well paying job back in Atlanta, but Nelle refuses. Once again, she records Sonny talking about the night they spent together, while assuring him that she’ll keep it a secret.

Nina Reeves visits the Wyndemere mansion on Spoon Island to bring by a gift for Charlotte Cassadine, the young daughter of the new-to-town, notorious Valentin Cassadine – a bastard son of the infamous Mikkos Cassadine. Nina and Valentin had a one night stand when Valentin was using an alias, and since his true identity was revealed, Valentin has been slowly winning her over for weeks. Charlotte is not at home, so Nina prepares to leave, but a storm is keeping any boats from leaving the island. Stuck on Spoon Island, Nina and Valentin have a romantic evening, a fact that Nina’s brother Nathan West is none too happy about.

Doctor Kevin Collins arrives late to the hospital for his duties as Santa, due to spending the night with Laura Spencer. As the families line up to have their turn with Santa, Lulu Spencer/Falconeri sees little Charlotte Cassadine for the first time, and her mommy-madness kicks in. She can’t stop thinking about the small child, and thinks that Charlotte might possibly be her child. Lulu enlists the help of her best friend Maxi Jones, and together they head to the Manhattan office of the OBGYN listed in Charlotte’s birth certificate. While Maxie, using a fake name, requests an examination, Lulu is left alone in the office to raid the files. Lulu discovers that Charlotte’s so called mother Claudette was actually a surrogate! Lulu is discovered, and she and Maxie are locked in the examination room until Valentin arrives, having been alerted of the breach of the private medical records. Immediately after, Lulu’s husband Dante Falconeri, and Maxie’s fiance Nathan West, both police detectives, arrive on the scene. Valentin asks to explain, and admits that he and Lulu are the parents of Charlotte!

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