Episode 36: Whose Child Are You?

December 19, 2016

Hayden Barnes is sick, and her condition continues to worsen. Through a lab accident, she’d been infected with the same mysterious and fatal illness Doctor Hamilton Finn has, the same infection Finn had watched his wife die from years before. Because the lab accident took place on hospital premises, and because the only drug that is effective against the sickness is an illegal substance, Finn cannot treat Hayden at the hospital, so she is instead being kept at the Quartermaine mansion. Hayden was infected with a more virulent strain of the infection than Finn, which is leaving her in and out of delirium. Thinking that she is talking to her father, she confesses to Finn that she loves him. Tracy Quartermaine tells Finn that he has to spend his time finding a cure, rather than sit at Hayden’s bedside, and Tracy offers to take his place watching over her. Shortly after, talking to Tracy, Hayden thinks she is talking to her mother, and the two share a touching conversation of regret and forgiveness.

Elizabeth Webber, concerned about the failing health of her newly revealed half-sister Hayden, calls someone to come to Port Charles because “his daughter needs him”, but we do not know if she’s called Raymond Berlin, the man Hayden grew up believing was her father, or Jeff Webber, the biological father Hayden shares with Elizabeth.

Franco, who’s been dating Elizabeth Webber, continues to be concerned for her safety, now that her rapist, the unfortunately named Tom Baker, is out on parole. After seeing Tom also approach his friend and psuedo-daughter Kiki Jerome, Franco hatches a plan, and gets Kiki to assist him. Kiki calls Tom and lures him to Franco’s studio space, believing Franco’s assurances that he was going to simply speak to Tom. Instead, Franco renders Tom unconscious and places him in a cage meant for a dog, wrapping an electric shock collar around his neck which can be controlled through a remote control.

Jason Morgan, the ex-mob enforcer of mobster Sonny Corinthos, has continued to investigate the car bomb that killed young Morgan Corinthos. When Jason arrives at Sony’s house to discuss his findings, he finds Nelle, the personal assistant to Sonny’s estranged wife Carly. Nelle leaves as Jason arrives, and he starts to explain what he’d uncovered, but Sonny is too distracted. Jason is suspicious, and Sonny eventually confesses to his singular night spent with Nelle, a night he doesn’t remember. Jason urges him to tell Carly, while Sonny refuses, not wanting to burden his wife with more heartbreak during their first Christmas without their son Morgan. Eventually, Jason agrees to refrain from telling Carly, but refuses to cover for Sonny if he is directly asked about it.

Nelle attends a Toys for Tots gala with Michael, but feels underdressed. Michael goes out of his way to make her feel comfortable, but Nelle starts to enjoy Michael’s company more than she feels she should, and leaves without a word. At home, Nelle addresses herself in the mirror, looking at her kidney-removal scar, vowing that Carly will get what she deserves, and admonishing herself for having too much fun with Michael. Michael shows up at her door, tells he she needn’t make up lies to excuse her absence, and they agree to be friends to one another.

Jason Morgan and newfound partner Curtis Ashford follow leads in the car bomb case which brings them to a pawn shop. The pawn shop owner, Winston Rudge, is shown a photograph of Julian Jerome, the mobster whose car was destroyed by the bomb that killed Morgan. Rudge claims complete ignorance in every aspect of the case they question him on, but after they leave, we see Winston serve green tea to a shadowy figure who’d been sitting at a desk watching a security camera video feed of the interior of the pawn shop.

Julian Jerome, released from the hospital after sustaining grave injuries from being hit by a car, is lounging on the couch of his sister Ava’s penthouse. His ex-wife, Alexis Davis, had accidentally run him down while drunk. Julian has opted to keep this information from the police, and instead use it as leverage to force her to spend her time at the penthouse tending to his needs while he recovers. Ava had figured out that Alexis was the driver, but could not understand why Julian kept insisting it was an accident. That is, until Alexis’s purse tumbles open and her collection of mini vodka bottles spills to the floor.

Nina Reeves, showing off the Christmas dress she bought for Valentin’s daughter Charlotte, is told by Maxie Jones that Valentin had confessed that Lulu Spencer was the biological mother of his daughter. Shocked and distraught, Nina goes straight to Spoon Island to confront Valentin. While Valentin apologizes for upsetting her, he stands by his decision as one he made to protect his daughter. Nina is somewhat calmed by this, and goes upstairs to present Charlotte with her dress, while Valentin answers the front door. When he does, he finds Lulu Spencer, who demands to take Charlotte home with her.

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