Episode 38: Back in Town

January 03, 2017

Hayden is cured of the mystery disease Finn accidentally infected her with, though Finn has not been treated with the serum yet.

Tom Baker escapes his cage, attacks Franco, drugs him, locks him in the cage. Franco escapes. As he’s about to tell Elizabeth Webber what he’d done, he’s taken in for questioning by Dante for the murder of Tom Baker. In the interrogation room, Franco confesses to Liz while they are alone that he’d kept him trapped in a cage, but swears he did not kill him. As they leave the police station, the murder weapon is shown; an “opinel” – an artist’s knife from Franco’s studio.

Lulu tells Valentin that she will sue him for sole custody of Charlotte, against the warnings of Laura and Dante.

During a social call to Wyndemere, Emma decides to emulate her spy grandmother and take a photograph out of Valentin’s box, a photo of Ana Devane.

Laura and Kevin tell each other “I love you”

Bobbi finds Nelle’s blood pressure pill in Sonny’s bedroom, confronts her about it. Nell in turn decides to take Michael up on his offer to spend New Years Eve together.

Maxie gets the flu, Nathan simultaneously finds out he’s still married to Claudette, so the New Years wedding day they had planned goes bust.

However, Nina and Valentin make use of the priest, by having him marry them impromptu, as suggested by Nina, to help Valentin in his fight for custody of Charlotte as a no longer single father.

Kiki and Dillon, both leaving Port Charles out of want for each other, end up on the same bus.

Alexis spends the holiday at home with Julian, whom she drunkenly kisses, yet still loathes. Julian is visited by mysterious British bad-guy Winston Rutge, who demands Julian’s compliance, implying he may harm those he cares about if he does not.

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