Episode 39: The Lady in Red

January 09, 2017

The week begins with Port Charles still celebrating New Years Eve. Private Investigator Samantha Morgan can’t get through to her mother Alexis Davis, and hasn’t had contact with her for days, so Sam and her husband Jason opt to leave the celebration visit her. Alexis’s secret alcoholism had led her to be passed out drunk on her couch when Sam and Jason arrive. Alexis wakes at their arrival to her front door, and tries to keep them from coming in, afraid that they will find out that her ex-husband Julian Jerome is staying at her house. As she answers the door, Julian deftly hides the vodka bottle and himself from view. Smelling alcohol on Alexis’s breath, Sam still accuses her mother of having been drinking, breaking Alexis’s promise to not drink in solidarity with Sam while she is pregnant. Alexis admits to drinking, but claims it was only for New Years Eve. Sam and Jason then ask Alexis about a visit she received from Winston Rudge, a man suspected of involvement with the bomb placed in Julian’s car months ago. Alexis honestly answers that Rudge was looking for Julian, but lies about Julian’s presence at her home to conceal the fact that Julian has been blackmailing Alexis into helping him recover from his injuries at her house with the secret knowledge that she had accidentally hit him with her car while drunk. Jason and Sam leave with the feeling that Alexis is not being completely honest with them. Once they leave, Julian writes to Rudge, warning him that Sam and Jason are on to him, to which Rudge responds that he is already aware.

Alexis takes a cab to a bar on the outskirts of town, where the bartender tells her she’d stiffed him on her bill the last time she was there. This triggers Alexis’s hazy memory of seeing Tom Baker at the bar the night that he died.

When Alexis meets Diane for brunch the next morning, she confesses her hazy memory of Tom Baker, with no idea how the interaction ended.

She returns to the bar that she was at the night Tom was killed, to find Franco already there, looking for evidence to absolve himself of the crime of Tom’s death. She tries to hide, but is found and questioned by the suspicious Franco.

Jason and Sam Morgan, with the assistance of ex-cop Curtis Ashford, are looking for a homeless man named “Buzz” whom they’d seen on CCTV seemingly installing the bomb in Julian’s car. They work at a soup kitchen, hoping Buzz will show up. Sam leaves, deciding to instead question Julian herself, because though they are estranged due to Julian trying to kill Sam’s mother Alexis, he IS Sam’s father.

Sam calls Julian, just as has finished dumping out all of the alcohol in Alexis’s house to help her alcoholism, and is getting a visit from his sister Ava. Ava drives him to meet with Sam at the MetroCourt, where Julian begs her to not dig into the Rudge situation any further for her own protection.

Jason and Curtis, meanwhile, find Buzz at the soup kitchen, who IDs Rudge as the guy who hired him to plant the bomb, which he thought was a tracking device. Not only that, but he says Rudge’s boss is a lady!!

Carly visits the home of her estranged husband mobster Sonny Corinthos just as midnight strikes, and they kiss. She is torn about what is the right thing to do, but decides to spend the night. The next morning they talk, and seem to be closer to a full reconciliation, though Carly is nervous about having her trust being betrayed again. Sonny, meanwhile, has not told her that while they’d been separated he drunkenly had sex with Nelle, the young woman whose kidney was sold by her parents on the black market and then used as a transplant to save the life of Carly’s then infant daughter Jocelyn. However, Sonny does not know that he did not actually have sex with Nelle, but was instead drugged and tricked to believe so by Nelle, who is secretly intent on destroying Carly’s life.

Newlyweds Nina Reeves and Valentin Cassadine spend a passionate night in a suite at the Metro Court hotel. Nina is uncomfortably concerned when she finds that Valentin carries a gun, but tries to accept his explanations. On New Years Day, a bouquet of lillies is sent to Nina’s office, where her assistant Maxie Jones is being visited by Maxie’s fiance and Nina’s brother: Nathan West. Nina is forced to explain to them that she and Valentin married the night previous, to which Nathan and Maxie are aghast. Nina is angered at the insinuation that she cannot make her own decisions and it ends with a fight.

Secret Agent Ana Devane has asked comrade Doctor Andre Maddox to hypnotize her so that she can remember how the mysterious Valentin Cassadine and she know each other. She only manages to get so far as to remember her watch, broken on the date of her birthday.

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