Episode 4

May 09, 2016
Sam asks Julian if he shot Sonny, Julian tells the truth and says no.
Police Commissioner Jordan Ashford and Psychiatrist Andre Maddox fight over Jordan’s jealousy of Ana, but then Jordan and Andre make up and finally have sex.

At the local bar, Alexis Davis esquire recognizes Hale, the ex-junkie who witnessed the of murder Duke Lavery one year prior. Because she is defending Carlos in court, Alexis attempts to get some information out of Hale, but he refuses, and she then later finds him in the parking garage, unconscious with a needle in his arm. Alexis follows the ambulance to the hospital, where she is met by husband Julian Jerome. Ana accuses Alexis and Julian of having Hale killed to help Carlos’ case, to keep Carlos from making a plea deal that would implicate Julian, his former mob boss. Ana and Julian are arrested, then released.

Alexis asks Julian if he had Hale killed, Julian lies and says no.

Being the one year anniversary of Duke’s death, Ana and Griffin continue to bond, and she teaches him how to tango.

Nikolas saves Hayden from more interrogation by Feds over her evil banker father’s ill-gotten fortune, only to confront her with her own hidden stash of diamonds identified as being from a necklace of Hayden’s mother’s, part of the fortune the Feds are after. Hayden, having realized how dangerous it was to be blackmailing Nikolas to stay married to her with evidence that he’d tried to have her killed, Hayden offers to divorce Nikolas, taking with her the five million guaranteed to her in the prenup. Nikolas refuses, leaving them in a black mail stalemate of a marriage.

Kristina goes on a date with a boy.

Doctor Finn treats a lonely old man who is considered a hypochondriac. Dr. Olbrecht admonishes him for wasting hospital resources, but he dismisses her, as she is no longer chief of staff. Soon after, Finn’s seemingly healthy elderly patient is dead, and Olbrect blames Finn.

Carly is seeking answers about the kidney her daughter Jocelyn recieved years ago. The kidney in question was originally believed to be from Elizabeth’s son Jake when he was accidentally run over by a car with Luke Spencer behind the wheel, but his death proved to be a rouse arranged by the villainous Helena Cassidine who secretyly kept Jake with her at her compound on Cassidine Island, until Jakes return a few months ago. Finn agrees to help Carly seek answers.

Sonny visits Carlos in jail, and makes it clear to him that he is a dead man walking. Carlos, fearful for his safety, threatens District Attourney Paul Hornesby with exposing him for being the person who ACTUALLY shot Sonny a few months prior, unless Carlos is moved somewhere safe. Hornesby purposefully leaves behind a paperclip and a pen, while agreeing to move him to a different location. When being moved, escorted by Detectives Nathan West and Dante Falconeri, Carlos pops the lock of his handcuffs, stabs Dante in the chest with the pen, the van goes carreening, hits the motorcycle of Jason Morgan, bodies are strewn across the road, including that of Jason, blood trickling out of his helmet. Yes, ANOTHER head injury for Jason.

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