Episode 40: Out, Damned Spot!

January 16, 2017

Maxie Jones and her fiance Detective Nathan West go to Canada to search for Nathan’s ex-wife to finalize their divorce, only to discovered that she, Claudette, is dead. Back in Port Charles, Nathan t​ries​ to set up an impromptu secret wedding ceremony for Maxie, to make up for the New Years Eve wedding that got canceled.

Claudette had been the surrogate mother to the secretly hatched child of Lulu Spencer-Falconeri and Valentin Cassadine. Hearing of Claudette’s death, Lulu wants even more to be in the life of the daughter she’s only just met, and tell little Charlotte that SHE is her true biological mother, but Valentin refuses, and Lulu’s husband agrees.

Valentin is approached by secret agent Ana Devane, confronted about the photograph of her from the 80’s he’d had stashed in his home. He accuses her of fishing for information, and grows angry.

Nelle Hayes, a newcomer in Port Charles, is pissing off the wrong people. As Carly’s personal assistant, she’s made herself irreplaceable, which riles Carly’s mother, Bobbie Spencer. Bobbie and Nelle had previously had a minor confrontation, but this time the face off was far more fierce. Nelle is called to meet with Sonny, where he grows impatient with her tearful excuses. Sonny fears she will not keep quiet about the drunken night he thinks he regrettably slept with her, and isn’t aware that the night in question was orchestrated and the sex fabricated by Nelle as part of her greater plan to wreak secret revenge on Carly. However, Sonny is growing suspicious of Nelle, and tells this to his old friend Jason Morgan when he arrives.

Samantha and Jason Morgan continue to investigate the circumstances of Morgan Corinthos’s death with the assistance of ex-cop Curtis Ashford. By working at a soup kitchen, they managed to find the homeless man named Buzz whom they suspected attached a bomb to mob boss Julian Jerome’s car – a car which Morgan, in a manic state, stole for a joyride and then exploded. Buzz confesses to attaching the bomb, but thought it was simply a tracking device at the time. Buzz now fears for his life, so in gratitude for being so cooperative with them, Jason and Curtis help Buzz disappear by giving him a bunch of cash, a bus ticket to Chicago, and a homeless shelter to contact when he gets there.

Rudge, the British lackey of the mysterious “Woman in Red” villain who is calling all the shots, has been looking for Buzz as well, and his lady boss shows her displeasure with his failure by pouring scaldingly hot tea on his hand.

Jason and Curtis go looking for the Pawn Shop’s secret underground office that belongs to the lady mastermind behind the car-bombing, but when they arrive they find the room has been stripped, the door is shut and locked behind them, and the pawn shop lit on fire. They escape with their lives, and Jason finds a photograph of a young boy, which he takes with him. When they meet up with Sam, she identifies the lad in the photographs as her father, Julian Jerome.

Julian Jerome is still staying at the home of his ex-wife, Alexis Davis, who is looking after him while he heals from his injuries – an arrangement he’d blackmailed her into after she accidentally and drunkenly hit him with her car. Concerned about her drinking, Julian found and dumped every bottle of booze in the house. When Alexis realizes this, she tries to leave, but Julian threatens to call her daughters and tell them about her drinking, so she stays. The longer she goes without drinking, the more she remembers about the night that paroled rapist, the unfortunately named Tom Baker was killed, and the more she fears her guilt in his death. She confesses to Julian her assumed crime, then proceeds to hallucinate. She breaks down in sobs in Julian’s arm, crying that she needs help.

Kiki and Dillon return home from their bus adventure, having not gotten any farther than Detroit before heading back to Port Charles. After a shower and some delivery food, there is much making out.

Scottie Baldwin esquire and long lost bastard son Franco the once-homicidal-artist continue to join forces to solve the murder of Tom Baker, to save Franco from being charged with the crime himself, as he’s the prime suspect. Franco already suspects Alexis as the culprit when he thinks to search the internet for photographs taken in the Roadhouse Tavern in the hopes of finding an image of Alexis and Tom together in the background. He does not find an image of them together the night Tom was killed, but does find one of Alexis and Tom chatting it up a few weeks prior. He confronts Alexis with the image, but after some thinking, he decides against going to the police with what he knows, even if it results in his own imprisonment. After how he terrorized Samantha Morgan before his brain tumor was removed, he feels he’s inflicted enough pain on Sam and her family, and doesn’t want to turn Alexis in for the murder of someone who deserved it. Franco expresses this to Kiki when he runs into her at home, but doesn’t tell her exactly who Tom’s killer is, only that her family has suffered enough at his hands. After not seeing Franco at home, Kiki goes looking for him at the hospital, and shares what she knows with Elizabeth Webber. Shortly after, Elizabeth sees Alexis leaving an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting at the hospital, and she puts it all together. The police, meanwhile, have searched Franco’s studio and have taken the cage in which Franco was holding Tom prisoner to test for DNA evidence. Little does anyone know that Franco was struck on the head from behind and locked in a storage room somewhere, where he is currently suffering from concussion.

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