Episode 41: Grab ’em by the Jessup!

January 23, 2017

Another truncated week.

Occasional mobster Julian Jerome is at the hospital for a check up. He is treated by none other than Doctor Griffin Munro, the bastard son of Duke Lavery, whom Julian had had killed before Griffin even had the chance to tell his father that he existed. While waiting for his test results alone in the examination room, Julian is visited by British henchman Rudge, who is angry and tells Julian that “the boss” is upset about having to burn down the old hideout. Julian is instructed to kill Jason Morgan TONIGHT for coming close to solving that they lady boss had placed the bomb in Julian’s car, but Julian refuses to kill his daughter’s husband.

Samantha and Jason Morgan visit the hospital to make sure the cramps she was having weren’t anything of concern with regards to her pregnancy. While at the hospital, they run into Julian, who attempts to confess the true nature of his relationship with the mob, and how he is being coerced under threat to his family members, but before he can do so, he sees his baby-momma Olivia Falconeri arrive to the hospital in a tizzy, getting their son’s stomach pumped because he’d been left alone with a bottle of aspirn that appeared out of nowhere. Understanding this as being a threat from his “boss”, Julian averts any confession to Sam and Jason, and heads straight to the boss-lady’s lair. Once there, we finally see her for who she is, the long presumed dead sister of Julian: Olivia Jerome! Julian convinces her that to kill Jason would turn all suspicions towards them, and talks her into instead pinning the bombing on someone else. Once alone, Olivia opens a cabinet to show an altar of obsesson, never having gotten over her love for Duke Lavery, or her hatred of his true love Anna Devane.

Nurse Elizabeth Webber is so fearful that Franco has come to harm that she visits Sam Morgan. Liz asks Sam to help find Franco, and divulges that she thinks Sam’s mother Alexis Davis is who actually killed the unfortunately named Tom Baker, and not the assumed Franco. Sam does not take to this kindly, but Elizabeth asks her to help out in the situation, if only because if Alexis did kill the known rapist Tom Baker, she did it with just cause. Through all of this, Elizabeth did not mention that she’d seen Alexis leaving an AA meeting.

Alexis, supposedly trying to stop her secret drinking, is visited by Julian’s half sister Ava Jerome. Ava openly mocks Alexis for having a bottle of cooking sherry, and tells Alexis that as long as her exhusband Julian keeps her drinking a secret, he’s enabling her to continue drinking.

Mobster Sonny Corinthos is under house arrest, still accused of arranging for the carbomb in rival Julian Jerome’s car, which sadly ended up kiling Sonny’s own son Morgan. After a visit from Jason and Sam, Sonny is visited by Doctor Griffin Munro, who had been a priest before being seduced by Claudette Boland. Sonny confesses to Dr. Priest about the infidelity to his marriage, a night he drunkenly slept with his estranged wife’s new young assistant Nelle Hayes. Sonny still does not know that Nelle had drugged Sonny’s drink, and staged a post-coital scene to lead him to believe he cheated on Carly.

Elizabeth visits Sam, and tells her that Alexis killed Tom Baker, and Sam needs to help find Franco.Elizabeth visits Sam, and tells her that Alexis killed Tom Baker, and Sam needs to help find Franco.

Ava visits Alexis, finds her with cooking Sherry. As long as Julian keeps her secret, drinking is always an option.

After a series of disasters on New Years Eve, the wedding of Maxie Jones and Nathan West did not happen. Nathan decided to surprise Maxie with a surprise wedding. Maxie, meanwhile, is growing more and more depressed and frustrated with her lack of wedding, and tries to flee to Portland to visit her daughter Georgie. While at the airport, she is intercepted by none other than Georgie’s father, Maxie’s ex Spinelli, who cleverly corrals her back to the MetroCourt hotel where the nuptual event is being prepared. The ceremony takes place, and the happy couple are, indeed happy.

There are some tensions between the attendees. Nathan’s mother, Doctor Leisl Obrecht was offended that she hadn’t been involved, but quickly calms. Police Commissioner Jordan Ashford is called away to interrogate a possible witness by her old partner Curtis, which riles her current beau Andre Maddox. Secret Agent Anna Devane begins to have flashes of memory that hint to the how she knew Valentin Cassadine in her cadet years. Lulu Falconeri is furious that Valentin Cassadine is in attendance as the date of his new wife Nina Reeves. Nina, in turn, ends up being the one to reveal to Griffin Munro that Claudette had reportedly leapt to her death in a river. This drives Griffin to drink heavily, and then confront Valentin alone on the balcony, accusing him of killing Claudette. Valentin’s daughter Charlotte hears this, and having known Claudette as her mother, she is upset, and runs into a broom closet. Not knowing what has transpired, Lulu follows Charlotte, and thinks it is a good time to tell the little girl that Lulu is, in fact, her REAL mother.

Meanwhile on the balcony, the two men fight, and Valentin bests Griffin, just as the two are pulled apart. In horror, Secret Agent Anna Devane yells at Valentin, who develops a stutter in his anger. She calls him “twisted” which strikes a nerve. She finally remembers who he was in her youth: a deformed young man with a hump and a pronounced speech impediment whom she had rejected.

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