Episode 42: Trapped in the Closet

January 30, 2017

Maxie and Nathan have finally gotten married after a surprise wedding. In their hotel suite at the MetroCourt, Maxie is showered with presents and the pair have an adorably romantic evening.

The reception for the wedding still wrapping up, special agent Anna Devane tries to assist in the the aftermath of a fistfight on the terrace between Valentin Cassadine and Doctor Griffin Munro. Munro had only just found out about the reported death of his old flame Claudette, and, after drinking too much, had accused Valentin of killing her. As Anna intervenes, she finally remembers why Valentin has seemed so familiar to her. He was training at the academy at the same time she was, only he had been hideously deformed, and suffered a stammer. Valentin tells Anna that her rejection of him is what led him sell his skills and earn the funds to surgically remake himself, and bitterly thanks her for it.

Valentin’s young daughter Charlotte had heard the conversation between her father and Dr. Munro, and hearing that Claudette, her mother, was killed by Valentin, she ran into a storage closet to hide. Lulu Spencer-Falconeri saw this, and followed her into the closet. In a misguided attempt to cheer up the child who told her “I miss my Mommy” Lulu told the girl that she was Charlotte’s REAL mother. While the statement was true – Claudette had been a surrogate for the embryo artificially created from Lulu and Valentin without their knowledge – Claudette was the only mother Charlotte had ever known, and the child reacts in anger. Lulu is left in despair at having driven Claudette away, but balks at the suggestion that she go to family therapy with both Charlotte and Valentin, as she’s seeking sole custody of the young girl.

Hayden Barnes and Doctor Hamilton Finn, are having some celebratory sexy time, finally both cured of Blackwood Syndrome from the cure that Doctor Finn and lab manager Brad Cooper were able to create at the very last minute. When Hayden catches Finn still injecting himself with Zikonestral, he lies and tells her that he still has some residual illness because he’d been sick so much longer than she. They both return to work at General Hospital, Finn working again as a physican and Hayden Barnes returning to her post as a financial advisor, they try to keep their relationship on the down-low, but GH resident gossip Nurse Amy Driscoll can’t contain herself, and speaks to Hayden about it directly. Eventually Hayden admits the relationship, but swears Amy to secrecy. Finn meanwhile, cons Doctor Munro into giving him a prescription for opiate pain-killers, claiming pain from an old sport injury while his normal doctor is out of town. Brad Cooper, keen on securing himself a financial stake in the cure for Blackwood Syndrome, realizes that Dr Finn is an addict to opiates after using Zikonestral for years, and uses this realization to coerce Finn into keeping Brad a place in the future of the drug development.

Sonny Corinthos continues to be held under house arrest, enforced by an ankle bracelet, under suspicion of involvement with an explosive device in the car of rival mobster Julian Jerome; a car bomb that took the live of Sonny’s son Morgan. The death of their son divided Sonny and his wife Carly, but the two are reconciling. Carly’s daughter with ex husband Jax, Jocelyn is not keen on their reunion, but Carly’s son Michael Corinthos and her personal assistant Nelle Hayes manage to talk young Jocelyn into accepting Sonny’s presence in her life again. Sonny meanwhile continues to keep secret the drunken night he spent with Nelle, unaware that she drugged him and set the scene to falsely lead him to believe they’d had sex. However, he has grown suspicious of Nelle, and sees in her a hidden anger.

Curtis and Jordan Ashford, no relation, spend the evening hanging out in Jordan’s hotel room after questioning a witness found in connection to the Julian Jerome car bomb case. After some reminiscing, they kiss. Jordan stops them, and expressed regret at letting it happen, as she is involved with Dr. Andre Maddox, which Curtis is well aware of.

Jason Morgan has been working together with Curtis in the investigion into the car bomb. Because of how close they have been getting figuring out her identiy, Olivia Jerome wants her brother Julian to kill Jason. Instead, Julian tries to scare Jason off by poisoning his coffee to make him temporarily ill.

Nurse Elizabeth Webber continues to look for Franco, fearful for his well being after going missing. The police are also looking for Franco as their prime suspect in the recent death of the unfortuantely named Tom Baker, a man who’d raped Elizabeth as a teenager. While Franco DID kidnap Tom and keep him in a dog crate, he later regretted his actions and set Tom free shortly before he was killed. Franco suspected Alexis Davis of Tom’s murder, and found a photograph of the two of them together at the bar they both frequented, but because he felt terribly guilty for having led Alexis’s daughter Samantha Morgan to think she was raped, he chose to keep his suspicions to himself, at the risk to his own freedom. While searching for the missing Franco, Elizabeth puts it all together and confesses her findings to Sam, hoping she’ll assist Liz in finding Franco.

Franco, meanwhile has been clocked over the head by an unseen assailant, and locked in a storage facility. He fades in and out of consciousness, at one point trying to get help by writing on a peice of paper he finds and sliding it under the door.

Sam visits her mother to ask Elizabeth’s suspicions, and is shocked to find her father, Julian Jerome there. Demanding an answer as to why he was there, Alexis decided to finally come clean with Sam and explain that Julian was blackmailing her into taking care of him at her home after she’d drunkenly run him over with her car weeks ago. Alexis goes on to admit that she had a drinking problem, and was going to meetings and had been sober for two days. Sam takes this information in stride, and then asks her mother if she’d had anything to do with the murder of Tom Baker. Alexis admits to having been attacked while drunk by Tom Baker the night he died, and while she didn’t remember the act itself, believes she killed him.
Shortly after, by a strange string of circumstances, Sam ends up finding the note that Franco wrote. At the storage facility she breaks the lock off the door and saves Franco, still suffering concussion.

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