Episode 45: She Don’t Lie

February 20, 2017

Franco is still staying with Nurse Elizabeth Webber while he recovers from his recent injuries. Franco is kissing when they are interrupted by the arrival of Felix and Epiphany. The two nurses are visiting Elizabeth to hold a meeting to discuss how they are going to save the nurses’ jobs. General Hospital is losing money and to save the hospital from closing completely, Hayden Barnes has determined that the only way to save it is to fire 30% of staff, focusing on the nurses. In response, the nurses have called a silent strike in the form of a “sick out”. Franco volunteers to spy for the nurses, and goes back to work as an art therapist. Shortly after he arrives, he is fired by Hayden.

Franco goes home to his apartment where he finds Kiki Jerome and Dillon Quartermaine celebrating Valentine’s Day. They’d finally consummated their relationship, and were enjoying icecream in post coital glow when Franco arrives, but Dillon is called away by his mother, Tracy Quartermaine, for a family meeting.

Tracy had been hard on Hayden for not wanting to fire the staff, but Laura Spencer, recently given a position on the hospital board, gave Tracy a talking to in defense of the staff, most of all the nurses. Tracy decides to fight for the hospital, so she called the family together for ideas. Tracy interrupts her son Ned and Olivia Falconeri’s Valentine’s celebration and tries to make Olivia leave, but Ned demands she stay. With Monica, Michael, Jason, Dillon, Ned, Olivia, all present Tracy suggests ELQ buying the hospital. It is pointed out that ELQ would demand a profit, and the shareholders could choose to turn away the uninsured. Olivia suggests that the Quartermaine family themselves purchase the hospital, and so the Quartermaines liquidate their assets to chip in.

Olivia Jerome, still incognito, is still pressuring Julian Jerome to do her bidding and wrangle the board members to vote for selling General Hospital, so she can turn it into condos. Julian tries to fight back, but Olivia has his family members and loved ones under constant surveillance, so he is forced to comply. Ava Jerome, having no idea that the half sister she never met is alive and creating havoc, is sitting in the police station for questioning, based on a partial recording of Julian talking to Olivia Jerome about the bomb planted in his car, in which he refers to her simply as his sister. Ava pleads her innocence, and her lawyer Scottie Baldwin arrives to help her out. Afraid that Sonny will once again try to kill her, Ava determines that jail may be the safest place for her to stay. Olivia, meanwhile, had already planted evidence in Ava’s gallery that implicated her in Olivia’s crimes.

Julian visits his ex-wife, Alexis Davis, and gives her a key, telling her that he has written a letter to explain his actions that is kept in a safe deposit box, which the bank has instructions to not permit access to unless Julian is dead or missing. Alexis is confused, but cannot get more information out of him before he leaves.

Anna Devane, agent for the World Security Bureau, is visited by a school colleague, who tells her that their friend at the academy, the man now known to them as Valentin Cassadine, had been put on a kill list at Anna’s request. Anna has no memory of this, and breaks into Valentin’s home to plant a bug. She is discovered by Valentin, so she asks him, desperate to know what had happened, but then collapses from migraine into unconsiousness. Valentin brings her to the hospital, while his wife, Nina Reeves, waits for him in a hotel suite. He texts her that he is in the hospital, but gets inturrupted before he can add that he is fine, and Nina arrives in a flurry, only to see Valentin holding the hand of an unconsious Anna. He apologizes to Nina, bring her back to the hotel suite, explains what had happened, then gives her a belated engagement ring before telling her that he loves her.

Doctors Hamilton Finn and Griffin Munro share concern for Anna, but Munro is concerned about Finn’s ability, as the symptoms of withdrawal from his opiate addiction are beginning to show. Munro doesn’t know what is going on, but is concerned. Desperate, Finn steals patient meds from a hospital cart, and his symptoms immediately subside. Anna’s test results show she had some kind of blood clot, and the doctors fear she may have some kind of cancer. Anna is terrified.

Sonny Corinthos finds the bra that Nelle, his wife Carly’s personal assistant, had stealthily stuffed behind the mattress of his bed. Nelle has already led Sonny to beleive that they had drunkenly slept together once, and now she is planting clues to make it seem like they are having an ongoing affair. Sonny still beleives that they’d had sex, but confronts her about the planted bra. Nelle maintains her innocence, but Sonny is buying none of it, and warns her to never set foot in his home again.

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