Episode 48: This is my Scottish Accent

March 13, 2017

Lulu Spencer Falconeri is in a legal battle with Valentin Cassadine over the sole custody of their Helena Cassadine created child, Charlotte. Attorney Diane Miller, hired to fight Lulu’s case, unintentionally meets opposing counsel Nora Buchanan in the bar of the Metro Court shortly before the case begins. Hearing a rumor that Valentin and his wife Nina Reeves are on the rocks, Lulu’s mother Laura visits Nina’s office and offers her a place in Charlotte’s life in return for throwing the case in Lulu’s favor. Nina waffles, but does show up at court and emotionally testifies in praise of her love for Valentin and the family they have with Charlotte. The judge decides she will have to interview Charlotte in person.

Nelle Hayes was planning on leaving town, now that her revenge plot against Carly has been exposed. However, after a visit from Carly, she decides to stay out of spite. A visit from Carly’s daughter Jocelyn drives the one-kidney’d Nelle to go to a bar for a drink, where she runs into Carly’s son Michael, who tells her that he will never forgive her.

Olivia Jerome, the long-lost presumed-dead crazy-ass sister of Julian Jerome, has reached the end goal of her scheming. Her plot to buy General Hospital failed, so she instead breaks in to the basement and reveals a secret entrance to the long forgotten and assumed destroyed secret labs built by Helena Cassadine, with which she’d reanimated her frozen son Stavros many years ago. Olivia demands that Doctor Robin Scorpio-Drake, whom she’d kidnapped from the parking garage, help her resurrect her long lost love, Duke Lavery, and presents a lock of his hair with which to do so. Robin explains that Duke could not be brought back that way. Not willing to take no for an answer, Olivia kidnaps Duke’s son, Doctor Griffin Munro, binds him, drugs him, and performs a ritual to place Duke’s soul into Griffin’s body.

Meanwhile, Julian Jerome is found locked in the trunk of a car in the parking lot of the hospital. Once rescued and medically treated, Julian confesses that Olivia Jerome is alive and on the premises, to which Police Commissioner Jordan Ashford responds by putting the hospital on lock down. Olivia’s henchman tries to suffocate Julian, and then knocks out Jordan and stuffs her in a closet. She is rescued by old flame Curtis Ashford.

Anna Devane, wife of Duke, and nemesis to Olivia Jerome, finds the basement lab, and she and Olivia tussle over a gun. Just as Olivia has the upper hand, Griffin appears, claiming to be Duke. He woos Olivia and gets her to give him the gun, but Olivia is then crushed to realize that he’d deceived her, and escapes while Griffin tends to a collapsed Anna.

Olivia lies in wait at Ava Jerome’s pent house, and the two half-sisters meet for the first time. Olivia forces Ava, at gunpoint, to call Julian and get him to come home. She ties Ava to a chair, and leaves.

Once treated for her injuries, Anna is frantic to find her daughter, Robin, but is still dizzy from loss of blood. She is visited by Jason Morgan, who helps her in her search. They find Robin in the elevator, bound and standing on a land-mine like bomb, which has only minutes left in its count down. Jason takes her place so she can go free, while the building is evacuated. The bomb squad arrives by helicopter, and Jason’s friend and partner Curtis hops in the elevator with him to get to the roof.

Jason’s wife, Samantha, is in the hospital with their newborn (Emily Scout Morgan), being visited by her mother Alexis. She rushes to evacuate, lying to Sam about Jason’s whereabouts so that she’ll willingly leave the building, as Jason asked. Shortly after they emerge from the hospital, Alexis steps aside to test Jason that they are out of harms way, only to be abducted.

Meanwhile, Doctor Hamilton Finn has been struggling with opiate addiction, and his lies and excuses have worn thin. Brad Cooper, angry that Finn sold his Blackwood Syndrome cure without giving him a cut, decides to give up his notions of using Finn’s addiction as blackmail material, and tells Doctor Griffin Munro that Finn is not fit to treat patients. Griffin has suspected Finn for some time, and confronts him, but is called away by Nurse Elizabeth Webber. Liz leaves a tray of meds unattended, and then catches Finn trying to take some. She calls him out on it, and tells her estranged sister Hayden Barnes, warning her against involvement with addict, having experienced a similar situation with her ex-husband. Hayden pulls Finn into an empty room to talk, but they find themselves locked in, unable to evacuate the hospital, waiting for possible death.

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