EPISODE 49: Crazy Horses and Dancing Monkeys

March 20, 2017

Olivia Jerome, presumed dead since the 80’s, is on a crazed revenge tear through Port Charles. She’d left Doctor Robin Scorpio-Drake on a land-mine style bomb in an empty elevator of General Hospital, while escaping out the basement. Jason Morgan gingerly took Robin’s place so she could escape to safety with her mother, Anna Devane, with the rest of the evacuated hospital staff. Jason’s work partner Curtis also refused to leave his side, and defuses the bomb at the last minute with assistance from the bomb squad.

During the evacuation, Alexis Davis was chloroformed, transported, and handcuffed to a footbridge over a woodland ravine by Olivia Jerome. Olivia calls Julian, informing him that she has his beloved ex-wife captive. When he arrives, Olivia gives him a gun and orders him to kill Alexis, or she’d kill everyone else in his family. Instead, he shoots the handcuffs to set Alexis free, holds back Olivia, and allows Alexis to escape on foot. She runs to the police station, informing them of the altercation. It is presumed that Julian had been shot, and fallen to the water below, and though the police can not find his body, he is presumed dead.

Alexis has difficulty with his death, and decides to retrieve the letter Julian had left for her in a safe deposit box. In the letter, Julian claims that everything he’d done was to protect his family, as Olivia had been threatening them unless he’d done everything she asked. Alexis is left unsure what to think.

At the grave of Morgan Corinthos, his mother Carly is laying down flowers, having learned that Olivia Jerome, not her sister Ava, was the one who’d caused his death during a car bombing that was meant for Julian. Coincidentally, Olivia Jerome walks through the graveyard to replace her plaque in the family tomb. Carly recognizes her as the woman who killed her son, and after a struggle over Olivia’s gun, Olivia is shot and Carly holds her at gunpoint. Before she can kill Olivia, Carly’s estranged husband, mobster Sonny Corinthos, arrives and stops her, instead calling the police.

Doctor Hamilton Finn, unable to leave the hospital during first the lock down looking for Olivia Jerome, and then locked in during the evacuation due to the bomb, unintentionally begins to go through withdrawal. He is looked after by Hayden, and once GH resumes normal practices, he finally agrees to take a leave of absence to recover from his addiction, and Nurse Elizabeth Webber agrees to be discreet about it.

Elizabeth Webber and her beau Franco are worried about Liz’s son Jake. He’d spent a few years of his young life kidnapped by Helena Cassadine, and they’ve no idea exactly what his experience had been. Franco takes it upon himself to use his art therapy skills and rapport with Jake to get him to open up about it, and so far, it’s pretty grim.

The court case for the custody of Charlotte, the secretly created test tube baby of Valentin Cassadine and Lulu Spencer Falconeri, continues. In the end, Valentin is given continued sole custody, but Lulu is granted supervised visitation so taht she can develop a bond with the child.

Ava Jerome, due to a previous slip of the tongue she’d had with Sonny Corinthos, fears that Sonny will figure out that she’s swapped out Morgan’s bipolar medication, which led to him stealing the car that was bombed and lead to his death. She turns to Scottie Baldwin, and asks him once again to steal back the pill bottle evidence that his ex, Lucy Coe, has as blackmail material on Ava.

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