Episode 5

May 16, 2016
Having survived a police car crash, Jason Morgan sustains new head injuries which restore his memories from before his latest bout with amnesia. While the cop who was driving the police van is already dead, Jason saves the lifeĀ of fellow car accident sufferer Detective Dante Falconeri, by pulling him out from beneath a car, while the thus unscathed Detective Nathan West, tracking the escaped fugitive, is hit in the head with a rock by desperate escapee Carlos Rivera.


Carlos is eventually tracked down to the docks by Ana, who attempts to arrest him, but the gun is lost in their struggle, Carlos gets the upper hand, renders Ana unconscious, and locks her in a nearby meatlocker. Carlos uses Ana’s phone to call his old mob boss Julian Jerome, and asks for assistance, explaining to him that if Julian does not help him escape, beacause he now has a dead cop on his rap sheet, he’ll be forced to take a plea bargain and implicate Julian. Julian, meanwhile is at home embroiled in a series of conversations debating his innocence and involvement with organized crime and the possible murder of a witness who would have tied Carlos to the murder of Duke Lavery, which would in turn implicate Julian, who ordered the hit. Julian tries to leave and secretly meet up with Carlos, but his wife Alexis Davis, desperately trying to cling to a fantasy of her husband’s innocence, whisks away his gun and locks it upstairs. Julian, equally desperate to get away to meet with Carlos, grabs the next best thing he can find: the large cursed dagger kept on Alexis’ bookshelf, a blade given to Alexis in Helena Cassadine’s will, a blade which was used by Helena Cassadine to cut the throat of Alexis’ mother for having an affair with Helena’s husband. Julian lies to Alexis and claims he has to go deal with a crisis at the offices of magazine Crimson, but instead meets Carlos at the docks, he stabs him repeatedly in the guts and kicks him into the water. Michael Corinthos-Quartermaine finds the dying Carlos in the water, fishes him out, and Carlos is brought to the hospital, still refusing to divulge the location of Sabrina Santiago and her new born baby.


Meanwhile, Ana has hypothermia-induced dreams of Duke Lavery, until she is found and saved by Psychiatrist Andre Maddox, who brings her to the hospital. There, Ana finds Carlos on his death bed. Doctor Griffin Munro reveals that he is, in fact, a priest, and carries out last rites for Carlos instead of letting Anna get a confession out of him before his death.


Franco, meanwhile, has visited his criminally insane mother, Heather Webber, at her facility, asking for romantic advice and bringing her a portrait he’d painted of her. He tries to woo his estranged lover Nina Reeves, who is sleeping at her office at Crimson Magazine since the break up, by waiting for her in the nude. Their conversation is inturrupted by the arrival of Julian. Nina notices stains on his shirt and gets him a fresh one to wear just as Alexis arrives, hoping to find Julian there to prove to Sonny (and herself) that Julian had told the truth.


Back at home, Julian and Alexis are visited by Police Commissioner Jordan Ashford, who explains to them that Carlos is dead, and had been stabbed to death with an impressive blade. As soon as Jordan leaves, Alexis confronts Julian about the dagger.


Franco goes to the hospital, and runs into Leisl Olbrecht, who is terribly distressed at the latest hospitalization of her son Detective Nathan West. Franco looks to Olbrecht, his only friend, for emotional support over his romantic woes, and Olbrecht calls him out for caring about nothing but himself, tells him he’s on his own, and that she can not defend his position at the hospital as an art therapist anymore now that she’s not chief of staff.


Both Hayden Barnes and Nicholas Cassadine separately plot to irritate the other enough to force their way out of a marriage of stale-mate blackmail. Hayden, with help from Travis, plans to sell off Nicholas’ family heirlooms on eBay; while Nicholas is donating all of Hayden’s clothes to charity.
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