Episode 50: Almost Got Im

March 27, 2017

Nurse Elizabeth Webber asks Franco to move in with her. He’s been using his art therapy skills to help get Jake to open up about what happened to him during the years he was kidnapped by Helena Cassadine. The results are alarming enough for Liz that she decides to tell Jake’s father, Jason Morgan about it.

At work, Liz gives some words of advice to her estranged sister Hayden, who is struggling with feelings of guilt and anxiety with towards Doctor Hamilton Finn. Finn had finally agreed to take a discreet leave of absence from working at General Hospital to recover from his addiction to the opiate Zikonestral AKA Zenzen. He fails to follow through with getting admitted to a rehab facility, and instead decides to drink himself through the withdrawal. Tracy Quartermaine visits his hotel room where the two have a fight that wounds Tracy with accusations of her own failings and isolation. She angrily retreats to the MetroCourt restaurant where she is unexpectedly met by her son Ned Ashton, and then even more unexpectedly by Ned’s father, her ex-husband Larry Ashton. The purpose of his visit is not yet clear.

Hayden Barnes, having been pressed by Tracy to help Hamilton Finn through this rough time, finally decides to visit him. Finn is in rough shape, and Hayden tries to soothe him. He begs her to bind him to a chair to get him through the full withdrawal, and reluctantly, she does. When his screaming and lying gets out of control, Hayden calls her friend Curtis Ashford for assistance. Curtis can relate to struggling with addiction, but thinks Hayden crazy to be going it alone with Finn.

Also dealing with addiction is Alexis Davis. As the ex-wife of mobster Julian Jerome, she was targeted by his crazy sister Olivia, who masqueraded as Alexis’s AA sponsor and then kidnapped and nearly killed her. Now, the in the wake of Julian’s death at the hands of his crazy sister, and after reading a letter of explanation from Julian, she admits that she did/does still love him. Instead of going to a meeting like her daughters ask, she gets herself a bottle of wine.

Because of how instrumental he was in uncovering the role of the presumed dead Olivia Jerome in the car bombing that accidentally killed Morgan Corithos, Curtis may finally be accepted on the Port Charles police force. Police Commissioner Jordan Ashford has suggested to discuss the matter of dinner.

Now that Commissioner Ashford has Olivia Jerome in custody, she is given a hearing to determine her sanity. Deemed mentally unsound, she is sentenced to Darkham Asylum, but not before mobster Sonny puts the fear of his murderous revenge into her for killing his son Morgan.

Olivia’s lawyer, Nora Buchanan, was in town to defend Valentin Cassadine in his custody battle with Lulu Spencer-Falconeri over their Helena Cassadine-created test tube child, Charlotte. A meeting between Nora and Valentin reveals that he been the person who hired Nora to defend Olivia, and seems pleased that she’ll be locked away for life.

Valentin’s wife and Charlotte’s doting step-mother, Nina Reeves, finds herself needing a replacement nanny, just as Nelle Hayes walks in the door. Nelle applies for the position, and Nina is willing to interview her, unaware that Nelle had been fired by Carly Corinthos for sleeping with her husband Sonny as part of a plot to avenge the wrongs she beleived Carly inflicted on her family. Running into Bobbie Spencer who dishes the dirt on Nelle, Nina becomes hesitant to hire Nelle – but once Bobbie brings up the fact that Lulu, Charlotte’s mother, is a Spencer and would disapprove of Nelle, Nina reacts in contrary anger and hires Nelle on the spot.

Lulu Spencer-Falconeri has difficulty dealing with losing the custody case and being granted only weekly supervised visits with her daughter. Lulu’s mother Laura is scheming to assist in her daughters plight, and finds a possible angle to exploit in Nelle.

Valentin visits World Security Bureau agent Anna Devane, to make it clear to her that he wants no more of her games, wants to leave the past int he past, and focus on his wife and child. Anna is still desperate to remember what happened between them so many years ago, and why she put him on a kill list, but her pleading is, to him, more mind games. He refuses her pleas and leaves. Desperate, Anna calls Doctor Leisl Obrecht, and begs her to contact her old flame Cesar Faison, in the hopes that he’d have some knowledge of Valentin Cassadine that she does not. Fearing what Valentin might do to her son, Obrecht eventually complies.

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