Episode 52: Our First Year! or What The Heck Is Pier 52?!

April 10, 2017

Tracy Quartermaine drags Laura Spencer along with her to Turkey to reclaim a painting her father, Edward Quartermaine, had stashed in a monestary while faking his death decades ago. Tracy arrives to reclaim her lost inheritance, to find that the painting bears a striking resemblance to her. She is given a letter that Edward wrote specifically to her, expressing his forgiveness to her. Tracy and Laura feel there is something suspicious going on in the monastery.

Back in Port Charles, Tracy’s friend Doctor Hamilton Finn has finally come through a harrowing experience with detoxing from an opiate medication he’d been taking for years. While in the throes of withdrawal, he’d said words and behaved in ways very disturbing to his girlfriend Hayden Barnes, who tells him that he’ll have to continue his recovery without her help.

Tracy’s son Dillon meets up with the smitten Nurse Amy Driscoll to organize their ten year highschool reunion. They’ve not seen each other since their teens, but Amy is crushed to find that Dillon is dating the young and vivacious Kiki Jerome.

Kiki has been volunteering in the psych ward of General Hospital, and is going to get certified as a Nurses’ Aid. She tells her mother, Ava Jerome, about how she’s hoping her experience with treating mental illness will help her understand what happened to Morgan, her bipolar ex-boyfriend, before he died in a manic tailspin last year. Ava reacts poorly.

Ava had switched out Morgan’s Lithium pills with placebos, in an attempt to drive Morgan and Kiki apart and into the arms of Dillon, who she thought was a better choice for her daughter. It worked, only Morgan ended up stealing a car that happened to be rigged to explode, his final manic episode leading him to death.

Ava retrieved the bottle, but it was seized by Lucy Coe, who blackmailed Ava for it’s return, but after a robbery at the handoff site, Morgan’s lithium bottle ended up in with police evidence. Morgan’s half-brother, Detective Dante Falconeri, finds the bottle, and gets it tested for DNA, but there are no clear results. He questions Ava, and seems unconvinced of her innocence.

Dante’s wife, Lulu Spencer-Falconeri, finds her court ordered to visit with her daughter Charlotte is cancelled. She storms over to confront Charlotte’s father, Valentin Cassadine, and interrupts an emotional conversation between Valentin and Anna Devane.

Anna had come to visit Valentin, telling him that she’d gotten her memories back, and now remembers not only the intimate night they’d spent together, but details of their encounter. She also claims to have cared for Valentin, and had left for him to find the information about him being put on a kill list, so he could escape.

Valentin’s recent nanny hire, Nelle Hayes, has had her mind blown. Jasper Jax has just returned to town to tell his daughter, Jocelyn, that his mother, Lady Jane, had died. After hearing about the revenge Nelle wreaked on Carly, Jax seeks out and explains to Nelle that Carly was not the one to blame, but him. Jax admits to having asked Carly’s step-father, the deadbeat gambler Frank Benson, to find him a kidney for the ailing then-infant Jocelyn, never imagining that Frank would sell the kidney of his own child, a very young Nelle. Frank lied to Nelle about having never been paid, but instead gambled away the thousands of dollars he’d received. Nelle is crushed. Still reeling from the information, she runs into Michael Corinthos, whom she regrets having hurt in the collateral damage of her revenge plot of getting Sonny in bed to destroy his marriage to Carly. Nelle tells Michael that she might have a way to make it all better, and runs to visit Sonny.

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